12:52pm 04-19-2022
I served at Camp Casey from 1981 - 1982. I was assigned to HSC 2nd Medical Bn. Work at the Troop Medical Clinic (TMC).

Just forwarding this Website your way to find Friends\Buddies\Brothers -
4:47pm 04-16-2022
Sept 1962 C 124 from Travis to Japan on the way to S Korea. A fresh bag lunch at every island. A real mail run. Wondered if we would ever get there!
8:43pm 04-10-2022
Heard you on 21280 calling CQDX at about 1pm NZST using a FT200 and a few meters of wire in the garden.
1:28am 04-06-2022
I was in the Army Security Agency in both Korea and West Germany, 65-69.
I currently write a blog at I was wondering if I could use one of your Rothwesten photos on my blog? Thanks for your reply.
Dave Larsen.
5:58am 03-15-2022
I served at Camp Humphreys from 1973-74. I was assigned to A Co., 802nd Engineer Bn as a wheeled vehicle mechanic (63B).
1:26pm 03-04-2022
Great site. Brings back memories. Thank you.
3:50pm 02-27-2022
Heard you on ten this afternoon but could not make contact so checked your site and it is a great one!
Page two I see a terry Wilson from 4th sig bn APO 20 I was there 1960 to 1963 Nov
.Camp ST Barbra 61 for pistol match I think the guys got even for taking their huts, we shot during the day and they fired all night long.
8:49am 02-12-2022
2/12/2022 - 0940 - Listened to you this morning on 20 M. Unable to make a call to you this morning but heard a lot of interesting stories. Thank you for your service. I was Navy and did 35 years in Navy MARS. I found your web page via QRZ. Very interesting. The insurance on the white Ford has got to be out of sight. Nice looking car. 73 to you and yours. KA3CAL
9:42am 02-09-2022
Thank you for this wonderful website! Sent you an email! Thanks for your help.
9:32am 02-08-2022
Hello Pat Osman. Good to see someone from C Company 17th Trans Bn. I was there until they sent me to Camp Kaiser July 63. Looking back at the past was nice. I drove track 14 1st platoon.
9:16pm 02-03-2022
Stationed at Camp Colbert in 1974-1975. Tower guard. Military police also stationed at Camp Page as an MP.
7:48pm 01-28-2022
Robert Chudej, my husband, was an MP in Korea Sept '66-Oct 67. I've been researching what it was like for him in Korea at that time to help me understand him now. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
12:45pm 01-22-2022
1962-63 at Camp Alex Williams I Corp 8th artillery Supply Clerk & Truck Driver, many road trips to Inchon also Camp Casey & Camp Red Cloud many times
2:18pm 01-13-2022
BCo 11th Eng. Sept 65 to Oct 66. Many memories, mostly all good. Don't remember the exact date, 6 GI's ambushed near the Z. Could have been in Aug 66. All killed. Serious shit after that. Nobody went off post after that without weapons.
8:48am 12-31-2021
I was in C 2nd 71st Camp Warner Hawk 66-67
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