2:51am 02-23-2021
Amy Spadaro
My father was at Camp Red Cloud in early 1968. He was part of the 8th Army at Camp Carrol. He went up for a week to CRC and was assigned a dog and deployed to Vietnam with ROK Army (Tiger Division). Looking for any information about the dogs at CRC. Trying to locate the dog my dad was assigned from there. Thanks.
3:08am 02-20-2021
Dennis Whitley
In memory of Louis Edwin Whitley, Rothwestern, 1960-1961
8:19pm 02-18-2021
I was in c battery, 2nd batallion, 71st artillary at camp Warner, overlooking Imjin River. the town nearby was nicknamed Mickey Mouse Corners, Pojon-inor. upstream from Libby or Liberty bridge near Pom mon jun a close as i can get spelling. it had 2 guards, one north, one south. the military is refusing me compensation because they cant find my location. I need pics, anyone else who was there, etc to show it existed.
2:50pm 02-18-2021
Sam Snyder
I was at Camp Page with the 226th Signal, and I was assigned to the ANGRC-26' and 46. We rolled most of the time in support of the Honest John, I was a Teletype and associated equipment repairman!
3:31pm 01-27-2021
James Meadors
I was stationed at Camp Kasey, South Korea 1-72nd Armor Bn Dragon Valley in 1995/1996. The pictures bring back memories!
10:39am 01-18-2021
Mick Mccombs
Served at JSA Pan Nun Non as an MP 1959-1960, loved the assignment. Got out, reenlisted into USASA and went back to Korea in 63 to the 177th ASA Co A at K6 Camp Humpheries. Loved this assignment even more.
11:36pm 01-11-2021
Albert Horton
Was at Camp Colburn from Nov. 1993 to July 1996. HHC, 304th. Platoon Sergeant for Headquarters Platoon and Company Training NCO.
5:35pm 12-27-2020
Terry Welch
I was first stationed at Camp St. Barbara in the 2nd &76 when it was turned over to the ROC Army. Then went to Cp Colburn 3rd&81 as 63B in the motor pool Hdq Co. Being there a just a kid I developed a problem with alcohol. They didn't like me pitching a garbage can through the mess hall back door. Wish I had done better with my military time. In country '70-'71
9:34am 12-22-2020
Tim Beveridge
Thank you for your dedication and time in making this a great website. I served with CSC 1/32 Inf as an FO for the 4 deuce mortars from Jan 74 to Jan 75 in the 2nd Division. Your maps and pics are great. Especially of the Chinese tunnel. Having traveled through it on that nasty road i can only imagine what it must have been like for our troops in wartime conditions. My special memories of my tour include being detached to 3rd Special to help them choose the needed training sites for guerilla warfare and traversing difficult terrain. They also taught mountain climbing and repelling. I learned a lot from those crazy and deadly guys. Serving in the ROK was the best time of my life.
8:56am 12-22-2020
David Watson
Your site is really great! I found a couple of camps that I was at in '68~69 with 1/9 Inf. You obviously have put a whole lot of effort and time into this. Thanks for this and your service (your T-Bird is something else, too)!
1:12pm 12-21-2020
Jeff Kurowski
Served C Btry. 2/71 ADA Camp Irwin (Pobwon-Ni) in 1979
5:46pm 12-13-2020
Michael Nisi
served with A co 2nd&31st infantry Camp Casey Camp Sitman March67 to April 68
6:43am 12-07-2020
David Atwood
Served with the 17th out of Howze, Jan 73 to May 74. Battalion spent night at Kaiser during an FTX. Townspeople overjoyed to see the Buffalos roll in. I returned to Howze in Nov 83 as the 3rd Bde S4 and then as XO of the 1/31. Easily the best tours of my career.
11:01am 12-02-2020
Bob Haynes
Served with HHC 1/23rd IR at Camp Young on the DMZ 1966-67 and am a Imjin Scout. I am the National Secretary Treasurer of the 101 year old 2ID Association. We are always looking for new members to help carry on the tradition and we are completely run by Korea Cold War/DMZ veterans. Visit our web site or email me at Life member special gong on right now for only $100 which is half off!
Second to None!
11:12am 11-25-2020
James Donald Gotwalt
I was stationed at Camp Humphreys from 1978 to 1979 as a 98C intelligence analyst. I have many fond memories of the place, left the Army shortly afterward. Great times in the Ville, loved the Korean bars and shops. I wish I would of re-upped to stay in Korea. Oh well.
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