5:46pm 12-13-2020
Michael Nisi
served with A co 2nd&31st infantry Camp Casey Camp Sitman March67 to April 68
6:43am 12-07-2020
David Atwood
Served with the 17th out of Howze, Jan 73 to May 74. Battalion spent night at Kaiser during an FTX. Townspeople overjoyed to see the Buffalos roll in. I returned to Howze in Nov 83 as the 3rd Bde S4 and then as XO of the 1/31. Easily the best tours of my career.
11:01am 12-02-2020
Bob Haynes
Served with HHC 1/23rd IR at Camp Young on the DMZ 1966-67 and am a Imjin Scout. I am the National Secretary Treasurer of the 101 year old 2ID Association. We are always looking for new members to help carry on the tradition and we are completely run by Korea Cold War/DMZ veterans. Visit our web site or email me at Life member special gong on right now for only $100 which is half off!
Second to None!
11:12am 11-25-2020
James Donald Gotwalt
I was stationed at Camp Humphreys from 1978 to 1979 as a 98C intelligence analyst. I have many fond memories of the place, left the Army shortly afterward. Great times in the Ville, loved the Korean bars and shops. I wish I would of re-upped to stay in Korea. Oh well.
5:59pm 11-08-2020
Linda Chudej
My husband was an MP with the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea in 1966-67. I believe he was stationed near Gyeonggi-do although he doesn't remember how to spell the place so I'm not sure. He was like all the American G.I.s in that he liked getting drunk and going to the village to pay the prostitutes for sex. I'm curious about the prostitutes so I've been doing research. There is no mention in any of the sites like this one of the large number of prostitutes available to the American G.I.s in the camptowns near the military bases. The prostitutes are such a big and important part of each American G.I.'s time in South Korea that it surprises no one took any pictures of the brothels where the prostitutes took the soldiers to have sex and no pictures of any of the prostitutes standing around near the road so as to attract men like my husband as they walked through the village. Very odd. I don't think the soldiers are ashamed of paying prostitutes for sex so it would seem like the girls would be part of the scene the soldiers have so much fun remembering.
7:00pm 11-04-2020
Bill Martindale
Hi, I came across your pages while researching the bombing of Kassel . Very informative. With respect to the pictures by Gilbert Jenkins: the first picture shows the damaged Landes Versicherungs Anstalt - No44 Hohenzollen Strasse (as was). This was rebuilt after war. The third picture is the Oberpost Direkt building also on Hohenzollern Strasse. Thought you might be interested to know.
9:04pm 10-30-2020
Joe Schartz
This is great information for veterans who served in Korea since 1953. I first came to Korea in the Army in 1984 stationed at Camp Humphreys, A Co 802nd ENG BN, came back in 86 assigned to SVC BTRY 1/15 FA at Camp Stanley and came back two more time both time going to 46th Transportation Company at Camp Humphreys, the unit moved first to Camp Stanley in 2005, then it moved again later to Camp Casey and it went under 2nd ID.
12:07pm 10-05-2020
Terry Callahan
I was in the 5th Maint Co, '76-'79. I worked on Panzer Kaserne. Lived in Vogelweh housing. Also lived on the economy in K-town and Seigelbach. Was originally in the 43rd Maint Co until it was deactivated and was sent to the 5th.
10:14am 10-05-2020
John De Poe
Radio Repairman, 510th Ord. Co., Gunzburg Germany, 1964/66.
Anybody out there remember me?
3:48pm 09-23-2020
Sp5 Marshall Cabines
Thank you very much for sharing this. I served two tours in Korea between July 1962 and August 1964. I was first stationed near Moonsan-ni, near Camp Casey in the 1st Cavalry Division. I still love that big yellow "black horse" patch!
8:19pm 09-05-2020
Ron Ellars
Company A, 1st BG, 7th Cav South Camp Custer Paju Ri 1960 1961
192nd Ordnance Bn ASCOM Bupyong Dong 1962 to 1964
11:14am 08-25-2020
Irvin Jones
Served in Ordinance Platoon as a 21R(firing Set Repairman) from May 1970 to may 1971.
6:32am 08-21-2020
William Kenney
I served with battery A 2nd Battalion (HAWK) 71st Artillery , 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade 1967-68 I was there when our batteries were spray with what later called agent orange. I am trying to find 38th personal to be sure they are aware of their rights. A while ago the government started doing C&P exams for the radars. Apparently some medical issues were found to be associated with them. William Kenney
8:19pm 08-19-2020
Tracy wood
Frankie medrano
8:17pm 08-19-2020
Tracy wood
Frankie medrano if you read this email me (84". 304th Signal bt. Camp colbern,korea
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