8:12pm 06-06-2023
Mike Bayliss Sr.
I was stationed at Camp St Barbara D Co. forward detachment 4 Th Maint. 1968 I still have a year book for 67 to 68 don’t know if anyone still out there from that time?
2:44pm 05-24-2023
Doug Lange
Photographer, SP4, assigned to 13th Signal, 1st Cav, 1961-1962.
12:05pm 05-03-2023
Does anyone recall the riverbed area below the Chinese Tunnel being called Greek Valley? I'm not sure how or why it was called that.
2:36pm 04-25-2023
ronald b ruisinger s
i was in the 4th fds (finance payroll) from 1960 to july 1963 at camp red cloud is there anyone out there that is still alive and served with the 4th FDS
2:30pm 04-23-2023
jim Sykes
Stationed 304th sig bn soul 1960-1961.
3:39pm 03-24-2023
Patrick oconnell
I was at aufredi kaserne in 1952 and 1953 signal corp photo lab with joe Desrosiers and Steve . I would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time
5:02pm 03-05-2023
Nicholas Smith
Greetings, I realize that this is a bit of a longshot, and truly hope that this post is not inappropriate for this site. I am hoping to connect with anyone who served with Dameron 'Denny' Black, in Seoul, between 1960 - 1962. If you remember Denny, kindly get in touch. Thanks. Nicholas
3:18pm 02-18-2023
James Lucchetta
Got to Korea went right to the DMZ in February 1968 in Infantry. After spent the rest my time at Camp Casey.
7:20pm 02-16-2023
THANK FOR QSO LU6AHN (2023-02-17 - 0040utc)
1:27am 02-02-2023
Onejoon CHE
I am a programmer and co-founder of the eco-museum in Dongducheon which was established in partnership with Gyeonggi provincial government cultural foundation. I would like to exhibit your photographs in the eco-museum in Dongducheon. I'm looking forward to your reply.
10:11am 01-15-2023
Everette Coppock III
Long transporter history in my family, Everette II, my father served with 62 Trans CO in Karlsruhe in 1955-57, then transferred to 40th Trans CO, Turley Barracks, Mannheim in 1957-1960. I enlisted in 1976, as a Transporter serving 16 years in Germany at Darmstadt, Heidelberg (503 & 519 TC), Kaiserslautern (66 & 501 TC), and Hanau.
11:01pm 01-11-2023
david gibson
delta battery spring 68-69.i was in a holding company at fort benning when they send us to korea.i was infantry trained but somehow ended up at a hawk battery which i knew nothing about.sort of trained in as a launcher crewman.
spent all my time up on the mountain top where we were told to expect NK infiltrators at any time.only got to Seoul a couple times.
5:52pm 12-23-2022
Lou DeFazio
co b 13th signal bn 1st cav div april 1963 april 1964
2:06pm 12-12-2022
Doug Fahrendorff
I was a radio operator 51st sig. Bn. A.Company 1961. Your pictures brought back lots of memories. Many thanks.
6:49am 12-11-2022
Larry Snair
TTA 1977-1979.
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