8:30am 02-08-2024
I was an MP (3rd Plt, 2nd MP Co) at Stanley in 73-74. Thanks for page. Brings back many 50 yr old memories.
2:44pm 01-20-2024
Was on the Mann for 30 Days Going to Korea, was with the 31st Battle Group 7th Infantry Div. 30 Cal Machine Gunner Camp Casey I remember PFC Day, and PFC Monitor PFC Hall, and Myself PFC Castro. We use to hang out in Tankers Village. Good Memories
5:30pm 01-18-2024
Served at 7th ID HQ CG Motor Pool.
Drove primarily for CSGM Perody, at times for Gen Smith and Hak Moore. Looking for anyone who live in quanson huts near 7th HQ, prior to "super hooche" construction
6:30pm 01-08-2024
Served as Battalion Clerk of 17th Transportation, Camp Casey Sept 1958 to Sept 1959
7:44am 01-06-2024
Was at Camp Stanley '69 and Camp Eassyons >70
Worked in supply room at Stanley .
10:22am 01-04-2024
I was stationed at camp Stanley 1968 to March 1969. Adm platoon. 11 th engineers . I had a great tour.
9:23pm 12-31-2023
Kendall Hope
Was stationed at Camp Stanley from January 76-February 77. Artillery Surveyor. 82C20. I remember the Camona , Rainbow, and Viking club. Spent a lot of time and money shooting pool in the ville. Great memories
12:32pm 11-14-2023
2nd ID in the house. Was stationed at Casey, maint. support for 109 howitzer field artillery. Halfway through my tour we moved from Casey to Stanley (91-92). Trying to remember unit now, believe we supported 8th of the 8th Field Artillery at Stanley. I was with 2nd FSB out of Hovey then and sent as part of a contract team. My second tour I also was part of a contact team, but stationed at Camp Long (93-94).
12:26pm 11-14-2023
Hello, i´m the daughter of Frieder and Ilse Vick in Kassel/Düsseldorfer Hof.. Would be nice to tell my mother about contacts with american soldiers who were in the army nearby Kassel/ Rothwesten. in 1961 to 1975. Best regards Dagmar
4:06pm 11-10-2023
Originally stationed at camp Kaiser in Jan 1968. At some point we went to a place called phase line papa. does anyone have any info on where this place was?
6:26am 11-08-2023
Wonderful site. Thank you for all the information you have warehoused here.

1:05pm 10-28-2023
1969-1971 Camp Casey Korea. For two tours I worked in the battalion motor pool and replaced my predecessor, Paul Endorf, as Repair Parts specialist. I'm trying to establish that our motor pool at Camp Casey repaired and maintained vehicles used to patrol the DMZ during that time. it would be great to touch bases with anyone I served with there and I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers any information that could help with this.

9:00pm 10-24-2023
hi bruce thanks for the qsl rick from rochester ny kd2bmd 7s
1:31pm 10-20-2023
Served Co c 1st btn 32nd inf div .apo7. Camp casey .7th div 8th army 1962 1963.landed inchon uss breaking ridge.peck pokie da first word learned
.looking for year book.79 ys old anyone else still alive.out there.comsommeda
9:42am 10-19-2023
Dear Bruce, today 19.10.2023, i listened to your QSO's at 14226 khz at approx. 15.00h german summer time, your signal R3-4/S5-6. My receiver Icom R75- antenna 40 m long wire. Your reply/QSL would be highly appreciated! Thanks and very best regards from Kerpen near Cologne/Germany, Werner (71)
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