5:02pm 03-05-2023
Nicholas Smith
Greetings, I realize that this is a bit of a longshot, and truly hope that this post is not inappropriate for this site. I am hoping to connect with anyone who served with Dameron 'Denny' Black, in Seoul, between 1960 - 1962. If you remember Denny, kindly get in touch. Thanks. Nicholas
3:18pm 02-18-2023
James Lucchetta
Got to Korea went right to the DMZ in February 1968 in Infantry. After spent the rest my time at Camp Casey.
7:20pm 02-16-2023
THANK FOR QSO LU6AHN (2023-02-17 - 0040utc)
1:27am 02-02-2023
Onejoon CHE
I am a programmer and co-founder of the eco-museum in Dongducheon which was established in partnership with Gyeonggi provincial government cultural foundation. I would like to exhibit your photographs in the eco-museum in Dongducheon. I'm looking forward to your reply.
10:11am 01-15-2023
Everette Coppock III
Long transporter history in my family, Everette II, my father served with 62 Trans CO in Karlsruhe in 1955-57, then transferred to 40th Trans CO, Turley Barracks, Mannheim in 1957-1960. I enlisted in 1976, as a Transporter serving 16 years in Germany at Darmstadt, Heidelberg (503 & 519 TC), Kaiserslautern (66 & 501 TC), and Hanau.
11:01pm 01-11-2023
david gibson
delta battery spring 68-69.i was in a holding company at fort benning when they send us to korea.i was infantry trained but somehow ended up at a hawk battery which i knew nothing about.sort of trained in as a launcher crewman.
spent all my time up on the mountain top where we were told to expect NK infiltrators at any time.only got to Seoul a couple times.
5:52pm 12-23-2022
Lou DeFazio
co b 13th signal bn 1st cav div april 1963 april 1964
2:06pm 12-12-2022
Doug Fahrendorff
I was a radio operator 51st sig. Bn. A.Company 1961. Your pictures brought back lots of memories. Many thanks.
6:49am 12-11-2022
Larry Snair
TTA 1977-1979.
11:14pm 11-22-2022
I served in 501st MI Bde, 751st MI Btn, operation company (working in the BOX) at camp humphreys from 1996~98 as a KATUSA.
1:24pm 11-20-2022
Greg Monger
Camp Mercer, 44th Engr Bn, Bucheon vicinity (west of Kimpo Airport) 82-83. Yongsan Garrison 85-86, 87-89. 2ID Camp Hovey 92-93. 2ID Camp Essayons 96-97. Your photos brought back some great and some not great memories. Thanks for a great website.
4:34pm 11-13-2022
ronald b ruisinger s
i worked in the 4FDS from late 1960 to July 1963 4th fds was next to the 55 mp office and cid \office close to the main gate
11:08am 11-05-2022
Wilfried, DO1WJK
hello Bruce, I heard you 10 db over S9 and tried to contact you. But my QRP with 4 Watts did not reach you

best 73 and a nice weekend, Wilfried
1:37pm 10-18-2022
Ron Piper
I was at camp Kaiser from 1/67 to 3/68 C Troop 10th Cav. Drove jeep for the troop co. if anyone was there the same as me please contact me.
10:07am 10-06-2022
David Price
Your web site brought back a lot good memories.
I was station Korea with C battery 6/37 Field Artillery but I can't remember my camp name. Do you know by chance the name of the camp?
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