1:12pm 08-07-2022
Charles M Collins
Was at Rothwesten with 184th from 10/60 to 2/63. Couldn't have asked for a better assignment. Great location and great bunch of guys. Met and married my wife of 21 years in Kassel.
5:09am 07-22-2022
11:39am 07-01-2022
Joe Feeser
I was in Korea 1/12 Honest John Arty Camp Snow 1966/1967 @nd Fireing Section. loved fireing the rockets up on the DMZ
5:42pm 06-27-2022
David DeBell
in Korea with 1/17th Arty (8" SP) at Camp McIntyre from 1967-1969. FDC and S-2 Clerk; was also Maj. Richard Wallace's (Battalion XO) driver for the tour. Remembering the May 1, 1968 explosion(s) in Battery C after a field exercise. Also, this was the time frame of the Pueblo incident and the attempted assassination of the S. Korean president.
4:18am 06-27-2022
erman h simpson
was in korea 1958 to 1959 co. e 51first sig. battlion i corp spent most of time TDY at the 7th div.
10:36am 06-25-2022
Alex Kovac
I served in the Army 1967 - 1969 at ASCOM Depot. 8th Army HDQ bldg basement worked at EDP, slept at Co. B. Initially was assigned to ASA - MP group. Went TDY to Yeungsun, Teagu, Bupyeun and several day visits throughout the DMZ. Would like to hear from anyone who served with me during our Military tours in Korea.
6:10pm 06-21-2022
Bob Dewar
Camp Hovey 1967 got picked for 7th Div rifle team at camp Casey then 8th Army Rifle team @RC 2 until 1968. Great Duty Would like to be in contact with any of the team members.
5:50am 06-09-2022
Hello, I am looking for my grandfather. He is said to have been stationed in Rothwesten in the 1960s. Unfortunately, I have very little information. His name is said to have been Henry Ford or Willi/Willy Ford, these could also be nicknames. he is said to have been sent to Vietnam where he fell. Unfortunately, I don't know if all of this is true, so I'm looking for someone who knew this soldier, or where I could get information, I would also be interested in where the soldiers in Kassel spent their free time, please contact us by email, thank you very much
1:30pm 06-05-2022
joe phillips
I was stationed at Camp Red Cloud, 125th Med Det., 1962-1963, just wanted to thank you for sharing the pictures.
7:41am 05-28-2022
Dale Walton
Did my Basic and Ait at Ft Knox. Got drafted in 1969 19 Btl Delta Company. Ended up at the Disney Barracks before going to RVN Training at Ft Polk. Fond Memories of Kelley's bowling Alley....I am from Cincinnati so Ft Knox was a short drive went back several times in the 90' last trip was the day Dale earhardt died in the 500. Was listening to it on the radio and when we got there we found discovered they were tearing down all the old wooden Basic Training barracks was a sad day.
10:34am 05-14-2022
68to69 a company 702maintenance 2 division march to January 69 all i remember rc1 px radio repair I remember person frank McDonald’ Wilson saw Wilson at fort Carson Colorado Wilson was super nice person
12:52pm 04-19-2022
I served at Camp Casey from 1981 - 1982. I was assigned to HSC 2nd Medical Bn. Work at the Troop Medical Clinic (TMC).

Just forwarding this Website your way to find Friends\Buddies\Brothers -
4:47pm 04-16-2022
Ron Berres
Sept 1962 C 124 from Travis to Japan on the way to S Korea. A fresh bag lunch at every island. A real mail run. Wondered if we would ever get there!
8:43pm 04-10-2022
Robert Bennett
Heard you on 21280 calling CQDX at about 1pm NZST using a FT200 and a few meters of wire in the garden.
1:28am 04-06-2022
David Larsen
I was in the Army Security Agency in both Korea and West Germany, 65-69.
I currently write a blog at I was wondering if I could use one of your Rothwesten photos on my blog? Thanks for your reply.
Dave Larsen.
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