6:03am 12-28-2021
Camp casey 65 $ 66 13th engineers hq. co.
4:23pm 12-07-2021
Camp Casey, 1962-63 17th Trans Bn, C Company, Armored Personnel Carriers, Great Pictures, before I left it was changed to 7th Admin Bn. I was Company Clerk, but also drove APC’s.
7:04am 12-05-2021
I was there, in Bong Son, on 6/6/67, during the attack. I did not know him but remember the attack well.
7:22pm 11-29-2021
camp casey 13th engineers 64 & 66
5:31pm 11-18-2021
Served with C troop 10th cav Feb 64 to mar 1965. I was in the Mortar squad 1st platoon. I was also trained on the Pipsi radar set . Served at the ASA area on the DMZ with ROK troops listening for enemy troop movements across the DMZ.
6:16pm 10-26-2021
Louis W.
Stationed at Camp Colburn '71-'73. Worked in the Commo Bunker down by the HQ building. Shift work so had plenty of free time to explore the country. Had some psychedelic times. Pictures bring back memories, especially the front gate guard shack - exactly as I remembered it. Wish you had some photos of the village - that was a crazy place back then. I remember three clubs down there - Kimchi Club, Let's Go Club and the Arirang Club if my memory serves. I think there was another called the 81st Club, but I never visited that one.
8:58am 10-19-2021
Served at Camp Red Cloud 1982 then our company 128th Aviation moved to Camp Page. One of the best experiences of my life. 82-83. I cried when I left the states for Korea and cried even harder leaving Korea. Would love to hear from anyone that was stationed there during this time frame.
7:45pm 10-16-2021
I was stationed as a 72E in 1977 A Co. 307th Camp Long we deactivated and became the A Co.304th Signal and moved to Camp Colbern then our unit moved to Camp Red Cloud and I left their in October 1978
12:33pm 10-16-2021
Radar operator Camp Casey 1967 to 1969
2:06pm 10-06-2021
I was a radio teletype operator at 51st Sig Bn from Dec 65 to November 66.
I thought sure there'd be a photo of the police station and The CRC/MSR51 split in Uijongbu.
Alas ... the only familiar photo I see is the movie theater ... me and my yobo went to see a Korean flik, which I didn't understand the language, but it was a syrupy love story
Later photos of 51st ( I (we) never called it Camp Pililaau.) are familiar
Thank you for the trip
11:00am 08-05-2021
I was there 14 Jan. 1973-4 Jine 1974 Loved that assignment
8:12pm 07-09-2021
Hi Bruce, thanks for the photos. Brings lots of memories. I was station in 122nd Signal Co. in Camp Casey, but was sent for 9 months to the Comm Center in Camp Howze (15 mos in S. Korea, 1975) TDC was something else back in those days, crazy Clubs down in the village, but I loved flying in the hueys to Seoul for R&R.
1:20pm 07-09-2021
i was at camp stanton from 1967 throw 68.took care of 9 helis and two planes just fyi i have black and white pictures.
1:18am 06-07-2021
Hello to all,
I was stationed at, C co 304th Signal Battalion at Camp Colbern (November 1978-November 1979.
I have great memories of the place, and the people that I had served there with during that tour of duty.
A group of us from our platoon even had the opportunity, to cross into the "DMZ," on a detail in those blue buildings, when President Carter went there, on his visit in South Korea.
Great tour of duty. Great co-workers, and great friends, at both C co, and HQ.
Great friendship with a "KATUSA," named, Kim, who was assigned to our platoon, "the Cable Dogs."
2:32pm 06-06-2021
I spent 2 years at Camp Ames South Korea, from April 1973 to April 1975. I would like to hear from anyone that served there at that time. I was in the 110th MP CO. My phone no. 606 367 1909
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