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12:09pm 09-29-2018
Just by "chance" - any idea why and where the gate statue "Icarus" was moved?
10:43pm 09-28-2018
I was stationed at 914th Medical Detachment 1971-1972. Was reassigned to Frankfurt when 914th was transferred to Augsburg.
9:42pm 09-23-2018
Was in B Trp. 2/10. 1965-66. Was quits an experience for an 18 yr old kid. I grew up real quick.
1:31pm 09-20-2018
Stationed at Colbern from 82-83, 304th Sig Bn, Ratt Rig, SGT. Pix are just the way I remember. Good ol' days, although I don't really miss it. Been back to Korea a few times, business trips I don't look forward to. Not the same...that's for sure.
8:37pm 09-03-2018
1966-1968 633rd Engr Co, 36th Engr Gp.
3:20pm 08-26-2018
station at camp kiser march 61 to oct 61 transfer to camp hovey till june 62
2:16pm 08-24-2018
Really good pictures on your website.
Thankfully about making memories of my country history pictures.
3:41pm 08-21-2018
2nd bn 72nd armor not 1st tank
3:39pm 08-21-2018
served camp casey 1978 1979 1st bn 72nd ARMOR motor SGT had M48A5
also 1972-73 Inchon
5:28pm 08-09-2018
Sad to see it is closing.
9:18am 07-12-2018
Served with 45th Transportation Company 1981-1984 and again in 1986-1988
10:50am 06-11-2018
Served 3/81st Jan. 72- June 74. MSA/A btry Firing Btry
12:52pm 06-04-2018
served in camp colbern 1971-72 B Btry, Ammo section(warhead)
good times
9:50pm 06-03-2018
Served at Kaiser '69 and '70. Was there for the closing. Landed several times at the Hawk Site on the mountain top. Flew the river gorge up near the 'Z. Amazing place. Hope they can get things worked out.
9:29pm 05-06-2018
A Troop 2/10 Cavalry, Camp Kaiser August 1969. - January 1970

MOS 11E40 ..Sheridan Tank
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