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6:15pm 02-23-2015
I was at Camp Saint Barbara in 1968 1969 B battery 2/76th. would like to here from the guys i served with.
3:30pm 02-21-2015
I was at stanley 1968-1969 HHC 11 ADM Platoon
10:27am 02-21-2015
I was in camp casey 79 -80 CSC 2/72 Scout platoon
9:59pm 02-20-2015
I was at Kaiser from Nov. 1958 to Dec.1959 Co C 17 Inf. Great pictures Brings back lots of good memories. I was machine gunner on gun # 1.I & company clerk for awhileI also was a General Mess for General Harold, he was a great man,Then got on the Rifle Team. Then came home In Dec. Sgt. Mullins was 1st. Sgt. when I got there & 1St. Lt. Eisenbrown was CO. Don't know if there are any other guys out from that, I found two.
7:05am 02-20-2015
I spent 8 months in the EAF and was there when the axe murder took place at Panmunjon. Did we react? I'll say! How did I escape from the blockhouse? Ask Norbert Ziems.
7:37am 02-19-2015
Camp Humphries 1975-1976 ASA
10:46pm 02-16-2015
Bruce, Great site! You provided some tidbits Do have any additional information on Camp Fontenet? My dad served there between 1957 - 1963. Victor R. Guertin (passed in1987). He served in Korea (a base in Japan) and Vietnam.
8:55pm 02-12-2015
51st Signal, A Company 69/70, Camp Piliaau, Comm Center Platoon.
9:03pm 01-17-2015
Clement (joe) robles
I corps AGPE 10/1959 to 1/1962
Great information. Brought back memories of old friends
11:46am 01-15-2015
I was stationed in korea, in 1970 at 633th, engrs. company.(support) and I am wondering as to what happen to this unit after I ETS back home in 1971. thanks
4:13pm 01-10-2015
Jim Fahs
Thanks for all of the great pictures and the wealth of information you have collected. From your D Co 4th Maintenance pictures, I note LTC Charles Blaser as the Bn Commander of the 4th. I served with him in 1970 as Bn Material Officer. Have you ever heard anything more of him since those days?
11:24pm 01-04-2015
I was in camp McKintyre in 68-69 centry dog handler also. lost my buddy Chuck Tillett a couple years ago , now talking to Jim Palanskie and Billy Kootz
10:04pm 12-31-2014
I was stationed in Korea for 23 months (1970-72). My first post was at HHB, I Corps Artillery, Camp St. Barbara. Thank you for the pictures.
12:48am 12-24-2014
I should add to my previous post that I was stationed in Korea from Oct 66 to Feb 68.
12:21am 12-24-2014
I was stationed at the Kumo Ri Maintenance Center with Co A 4th Maint. Bn. I was the Training NCO and Battalion Draftsman. I have viewed the pictures posted from Terry Linton, who was with Company D at the other end of the compound. Many of the faces were familiar since we shared the EM club together and spent our evenings drinking 3.2 beer and losing our change to the slot machines in the club. At the time that I was there, there were no buildings between us and Ui Jong Bu. Only rice paddies.
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