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12:12am 10-24-2015
i was a sgt with u in 326 mtr pool i remember when u built a bike and ran it at clarksville speedway and could not make the turn and went over the fence i think u broke every bone in yourbody u had a body cast and worked at memeral hosp. i been to your house. i was married to a korean u still live in clarksville. i just moved back i live at the back gate on layfett rd # is 931-802-2877/cell 931-206-0831 u still do hamm radios
6:08pm 10-21-2015

Left 502nd, 101st ABN at Ft. Campbell in Dec of 1959 and arrived at HHQ Co, 17th Inf Commo Platoon at Camp Kaiser in January 1960. Returned to DivArty of the 82nd ABN, Ft. Bragg in Mar of 1961. I have been trying to track down our company clerk at Kaiser (Spc4 Bell). He was previously with the 3rd Army Guard in DC. Anyone???
2:08am 10-13-2015
Hey friend

Good to see you.
US forces stationed in South Korea saw the news well. And old photo shows well looked inside the Uijeongbustation. The good healthy look of recent photos.
10:41pm 09-28-2015
Did a 18 month Tour of Duty in Korea with the 7th Infantry Div. A Co, Radio Plt. 127th Sig. Bn. from April '68 thru Oct '69. Visited Korea 2 more times being assigned to the Postal Units in Yongsan and Camp Humphreys doing my 2 week reserve duty with the 806th AG Det (Postal), 63D Regional Readiness Command, Los Alamitos, Ca. Retired as a Master Sergeant, Senior Career Counselor.
9:31am 09-20-2015
Was the Commo Chief at Camp Kaiser, Company C. Was there from late 1965 to end of 1967. Looking for old friends that serviced with me there.
12:11pm 09-16-2015
I served with A Co., 802nd Engr. Bn., at Camp Humphreys from May 1973 - May 1974. This is a great site. I have lots of slides. Will send them to you after I convert them. Thanks Bruce!
11:43am 09-15-2015
I was there assigned to the 30th Ord. Co from Jan 74 - 77. Worked in Service Section.
8:30pm 09-11-2015
My grandfather Bob Darrow was in the 48th Ordnance/Maintenance Co from 1957-1958. Did you know him by chance? He passed before I could talk to him about his service. Please let me know....
12:32pm 09-11-2015
Larry could you call me. Would be better thanks. Scott
10:44am 09-11-2015
I was stationed with a "Dykstra", just can't remember where. I was a career soldier from 1960 to 1983. My overseas tours were Korea, '61-62, France '63-66, 'Nam 1966-67, Germany 1974-77 & 1981-83.
I was in the U.S. at Ft Jackson SC, Ft Bragg NC(3 times), Ft Rucker AL(2 times), Ft Benning GA, Charleston SC, (during Cuba Missile Crisis). Was it you or a relative of yours?
10:45pm 09-08-2015
Hey Peep Sight, I was with you at Kassel in 64 and 65. Won 2nd place in the Battalion and also the 37th Trans Gp Truck Rodeo. Made Sp4 same day by the Bn Commander. Use to hang around with Cpl Kline, Jerry Long, and Billy Hare. Love the site here. Hey if you have time send me some pics of that hot T-Bird and any others you have. Like to look at them. Take care buddy.

1:44pm 09-08-2015
I was stationed at camp Ames Korea April 1973 to April 1975. If you were there would like to talk to you talk about old times.

Phone no 606 367 1909. Thanks
7:52am 09-06-2015
I was at CRC in HHC/CFA from Feb '85 to Summer '86. I had a great time, went on many tours and took lots of pictures.

Thanks for the trip down memory made me smile. :-).
9:00am 08-18-2015
I was in in HHC 3rd MI from 87-88. Was a generator mechanic then went to refueling fixed wings .
Lots of memories for sure.
12:15pm 08-06-2015
My husband, Col. Ret. Glynne R. Hamrick was the Commander of the 106th from1986-1988. I just found your website. He is away right now, but I will show him your website ASAP. He will appreciate it so much.
Thank you!
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