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9:06pm 02-25-2015
I was in MB/2ndBG/34thInf Camp Hovey November 1959-April 1960, then transferred to Hdqtrs Co untilnNovember 1960
6:15pm 02-23-2015
I was at Camp Saint Barbara in 1968 1969 B battery 2/76th. would like to here from the guys i served with.
3:30pm 02-21-2015
I was at stanley 1968-1969 HHC 11 ADM Platoon
10:27am 02-21-2015
I was in camp casey 79 -80 CSC 2/72 Scout platoon
9:59pm 02-20-2015
I was at Kaiser from Nov. 1958 to Dec.1959 Co C 17 Inf. Great pictures Brings back lots of good memories. I was machine gunner on gun # 1.I & company clerk for awhileI also was a General Mess for General Harold, he was a great man,Then got on the Rifle Team. Then came home In Dec. Sgt. Mullins was 1st. Sgt. when I got there & 1St. Lt. Eisenbrown was CO. Don't know if there are any other guys out from that, I found two.
7:05am 02-20-2015
I spent 8 months in the EAF and was there when the axe murder took place at Panmunjon. Did we react? I'll say! How did I escape from the blockhouse? Ask Norbert Ziems.
7:37am 02-19-2015
Camp Humphries 1975-1976 ASA
10:46pm 02-16-2015
Bruce, Great site! You provided some tidbits Do have any additional information on Camp Fontenet? My dad served there between 1957 - 1963. Victor R. Guertin (passed in1987). He served in Korea (a base in Japan) and Vietnam.
8:55pm 02-12-2015
51st Signal, A Company 69/70, Camp Piliaau, Comm Center Platoon.
9:03pm 01-17-2015
Clement (joe) robles
I corps AGPE 10/1959 to 1/1962
Great information. Brought back memories of old friends
11:46am 01-15-2015
I was stationed in korea, in 1970 at 633th, engrs. company.(support) and I am wondering as to what happen to this unit after I ETS back home in 1971. thanks
4:13pm 01-10-2015
Jim Fahs
Thanks for all of the great pictures and the wealth of information you have collected. From your D Co 4th Maintenance pictures, I note LTC Charles Blaser as the Bn Commander of the 4th. I served with him in 1970 as Bn Material Officer. Have you ever heard anything more of him since those days?
11:24pm 01-04-2015
I was in camp McKintyre in 68-69 centry dog handler also. lost my buddy Chuck Tillett a couple years ago , now talking to Jim Palanskie and Billy Kootz
10:04pm 12-31-2014
I was stationed in Korea for 23 months (1970-72). My first post was at HHB, I Corps Artillery, Camp St. Barbara. Thank you for the pictures.
12:48am 12-24-2014
I should add to my previous post that I was stationed in Korea from Oct 66 to Feb 68.
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