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12:21am 12-24-2014
I was stationed at the Kumo Ri Maintenance Center with Co A 4th Maint. Bn. I was the Training NCO and Battalion Draftsman. I have viewed the pictures posted from Terry Linton, who was with Company D at the other end of the compound. Many of the faces were familiar since we shared the EM club together and spent our evenings drinking 3.2 beer and losing our change to the slot machines in the club. At the time that I was there, there were no buildings between us and Ui Jong Bu. Only rice paddies.
10:01pm 12-21-2014
July 1, 2015 marks the 50th Anniversary of the 2IDs return to Korea after the cease fire in the Korean War. The 2ID played a major role in the Korean War and it was appropriate that the Division return to continue to play a major role in guarding Freedoms Frontier.
On that day in July, the 1st Cavalry Division was reflagged as the 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Howze which was Division HQ at the time. The 2nd Indianhead Division Association is organizing a return trip for 2IDA members that were present at the reflagging and for other DMZ veterans that would like to go. We anticipate a group of about 25-30 and are still working out the details. We are working on the eligibility for participation. We are beginning a major fundraising effort to help offset the cost of the trip for the returning veterans and need to know the level of interest in this trip. The tentative plan is to depart Los Angeles about June 26 or 27, 2015 to return about July 3. You will need a current passport. If you are interested, please let us know at Your e-mail is not a commitment, but merely an expression of interest. The leadership of the active 2ID has generously agreed to help with planning the celebration events and perhaps some tours of the area. The 2ID Commanding General and Command Sergeant Major are already at work This can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please let us know now so we can continue our planning.

Aves Thompson
National President, 2IDA
9:59am 12-14-2014
Our battle group (1st BG 28th INF, I think...the Nittany Lions as we were called) was formed at Ft Riley, KS (1st Inf Div) in June 1960 with all leadership positions filled and a few cadre personnel to assist in the formation of all of the HHQ Co, all Companies A thru E and a Combat Support Co. Basic and Advanced Infantry Training was conducted and in May 1961 we shipped via train and troop ship to Inchon, Korea. We took a train to Ui-jon-bu (7th Div HQ) and were then trucked to Camp Kaiser near Un-chon-ni. I was transferred to the 3rd Inf in 1962 when each of the battle groups personnel were reassigned that effectively ended the Overseas Unit Replacement Program in Korea. I can be reached at if anyone wishes to reach me.
9:15am 12-14-2014
I served at Camp Kaiser from about June 1961 (we arrived shortly after the overthrow of Syngman-Rhee by Chung He Park) until September 1962. Our battle group participated in the OVUREP program in use at that time. Not so surprisingly, the program ended in '62 some time and all the battle group personel were reassigned in-country.
3:04pm 12-13-2014
served at casey 72/73 702 nd mt bn. hq/a
7:55pm 12-05-2014
HQ&CoA 707th Maint Bn 1964-65. I worked as the unit supply clerk under Sgt. Tanner. I had a lot of friends in this unit & would like to hear from them. Getting old now but I still have a lot of fine memories.
8:43pm 11-23-2014
Kaiser 1965-1966 A Co., 1 Bn (M) 17th Inf., 7th Inf. Can't find anyone from that time. Hoping to get company picture or year book. Found Co photo of 1964, but seems 1965-66 didn't exist? Any help greatly appreciated.
4:39pm 11-11-2014
Hi Bruce: Many times I passed thru Camp Santa Barbara going the back way up to Camp Kaiser. One time I turned over my jeep coming around a curve when I noticed a tank turret coming around the corner of a hill. My only choice was to head into the rice paddy. Lucky I was not hurt. Had to replace a couple of supports on the roof and canvas. The motor pool Sgt. was not happy. I was in charge of the 127th Film Exchange at Kaiser. I was TDY for 12 months there good duty but awful cold. 1958-1959.
4:55pm 11-09-2014
I served in Korea from April 1960 to May 1961 about all I remember is I was an RTO in the FO section of Hq&Hqs co. 82nd Arty 1st Cav. Spent most of my time either in the field or on guard duty. Still I was young and dumb so enjoyed the hell out of my tour.
3:04am 10-12-2014
More about me i transfered to the 528fa after i got in trouble for shooting a thief.then the 528th went back to the states i then went to the 31fa ser bat then fort dix more later

11:30pm 10-10-2014
I was stationed at camp stbarbara 1n 1955 i was in the police and gaurd det..iwent right out of mp school .i never heard from anybody who was there at that time 59 years ago.sure looks different.i stood at the fromt gate many nights,and at the far back of the camp.also walked patro; around the camp.i live in thailand now 30 years i retired from the usaf in 1977 .contact me if were there at my time
10:52am 09-20-2014
I have really enjoyed viewing all the pics, I was stationed with the 102nd signal...54-55 in Wiesbaden. We were responsible for the military telephone network in Germany & France.
6:37pm 09-18-2014
I was ICA 68-70. With HHB I CA THE HHB 2/76
1:35pm 08-31-2014
rodney parks
i was in korea in the mid 70s and early 80s RC#4 camp mosier, hovey,stanton.looking for patton,taylor,coney,big hall,lawrence,if it flies it dies A 2/61ADA
9:40pm 08-26-2014
I was an MP with the 17th FS from Dec 66 until Dec 67. I had been reassigned from HQASAE in Frankfurt. Prior to that I was a Phu Bai from Aug 64 to Jul 65.
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