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4:36pm 02-28-2016
I was at Rothwesten 1964 to 68. in the 319th ASA.
I've lost track of comrades. Would like to get back in touch.
4:57pm 02-26-2016
I was at Rothwesten from 1957 to1959. Would like to hear from anyone who may remember me in Ops.
8:20pm 02-03-2016
Part of Msg 02-01-2016 made no sense, so I deleted that part.
7:30pm 02-03-2016
What is the meaning of entry 02-01-2016?
12:06pm 02-02-2016
WTF does the post below this supposed to mean?
12:44am 02-01-2016
In 1967 I was at LZ English. door gunner crew chief in B co. 229.
7:20pm 01-28-2016
My # is 937-544-5792 Camp St. Barbara
7:17pm 01-28-2016
I was at B-Battery 76 field Artillery Camp St. Barbara Aug.67- Sept 68. If any one remembers me or there at the some time, get in touch with me.
1:44pm 01-11-2016
I was a MP stationed at Camp Kaiser from May 1969 to July 1970.
10:50am 01-05-2016
Forgot to mention I was stationed at Camp Colbern, company A. Sergeant Missile unit.
10:31am 01-05-2016
I was a OMTS operator from July 71 to June 72. looking for other members of my unit. Looking to re-unite..
4:38pm 01-04-2016
I was in 77 the
1968 to 1972
8:24pm 12-20-2015
I served with the 77th Transportation in operation FRELOC in 64-67. Stationed at Kassel and then Dachau. I drove a wrecker for the 77th and picked up guys all across Germany and France. We had a truck stop in Fontainebleau France and from there I travelled in all directions. LT Hefferran was in charge. It was a good time for me and I met a lot of very fine men. LT Hefferran awarded me a service medal for my efforts. It was a good time and left me with wonderful memories. I was destined to Ft Benning to train as a chopper pilot but my orders were cancelled and I went home. I think LT Hefferran had a lot to do with that. The pilots that went to Nam led a tough life, however I was sad to have been sent home. I wanted to be a chopper pilot and go to Nam.
3:26pm 12-17-2015

Service or Relationship: ARMY VETERAN

Comments: Comments: Went to korea from 2nd BG 8th Inf Fort Riley Kansas in May of 1961. We were assigned to 2nd BG 17 Inf on May 61 to Feb 62. The unit broken up and I was reassigned to 31st Inf., in Camp Casey until Aug or Sept. 1962. I have some great memories and some bad memories. One of our platoon members, Childers drowned while swimming during a rare break in routine, a company picnic. We were in the field almost every week, practicing war, without ammo. Life in barracks was in quanset huts with two space heaters, both running red hot on the colder nights. Mickey mouse boots and white uniform covers were other winter memories. I still get cold when I remember the marches in winter. I can also remember the holes in the perimeter fence behind the huts and visits during the night.
11:28pm 12-11-2015
Didn't see much on SAD3. I was 33d20 there 74-75 at k6 camp humpries and hardly saw any names from our unit. Reunion slated june 17-19th 2016 San Antonio Texas. Sig up
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