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3:04am 10-12-2014
More about me i transfered to the 528fa after i got in trouble for shooting a thief.then the 528th went back to the states i then went to the 31fa ser bat then fort dix more later

11:30pm 10-10-2014
I was stationed at camp stbarbara 1n 1955 i was in the police and gaurd det..iwent right out of mp school .i never heard from anybody who was there at that time 59 years ago.sure looks different.i stood at the fromt gate many nights,and at the far back of the camp.also walked patro; around the camp.i live in thailand now 30 years i retired from the usaf in 1977 .contact me if were there at my time
10:52am 09-20-2014
I have really enjoyed viewing all the pics, I was stationed with the 102nd signal...54-55 in Wiesbaden. We were responsible for the military telephone network in Germany & France.
6:37pm 09-18-2014
I was ICA 68-70. With HHB I CA THE HHB 2/76
1:35pm 08-31-2014
rodney parks
i was in korea in the mid 70s and early 80s RC#4 camp mosier, hovey,stanton.looking for patton,taylor,coney,big hall,lawrence,if it flies it dies A 2/61ADA
9:40pm 08-26-2014
I was an MP with the 17th FS from Dec 66 until Dec 67. I had been reassigned from HQASAE in Frankfurt. Prior to that I was a Phu Bai from Aug 64 to Jul 65.
10:10pm 08-21-2014
Stationed at Camp Colbern - have all the signs and symptoms of AO exposure. Anyone know any information on this please contact me.
3:30am 08-13-2014
I was shop office clerk of the 48th from Feb of 54 to Jan of 56. What memories these pictures bring back.
5:08pm 08-04-2014
i was at camp Ames from for the spring of 73 to 1975 if you where at camp Ames around this time i would like for you to call me 1606 367 1909 or 1606 367 0117 looking for sgt bob wright, Royce Burrows, chaplin Dougless Stevenson, Micky Alcorn i would like to here from you thank you
4:57pm 08-04-2014
8:43pm 07-27-2014
My father was assigned to the 585th I believe from Sept 67-68. His name was Marion Foxworth. I am looking to find if anyone out there knew him. Hopefully someone can share some stories with me, he never really talked about his time there. I do have a photo album with old pics from Nam. If anyone knows the name I would appreciate your time. Thanks.
9:51pm 07-25-2014
I served at camp Stanley 11/71 to 02/72. I was at hq hq 2nd inf div atry. I drove capt Leard around. did mail run to camp Casey. didn't have a hard jon. party alot
11:16pm 07-02-2014
HQ. CO. 1/31 INF. RECON 1967-68
12:08am 06-23-2014
Dear Bruce,
My name is Bongjoo Kim and I am very excited with your job.I have been eager to see the US GI's camp during 1951 to 1990 for a long time
and I found your site by chance yesterday.I spent the weekend seeing the precious pictures which leaded me to those old memories.
I was born in Incheon city in 1950. After Incheon Landing by Gen Macathur,there wer so many US army camps by the coast and we could meet US soldiers very easily.I learned English conversation from US soldiers in 1967.In 1971, I enlisted ROK army and met a aviation mechanics of JUSMAG,who adopted me as his son later.
I love your country and American GI who served for Korean peace and prosperity far from home.
When I heard a news of Casey Kasem' death,I was so sad because he also served in Korea 1952.Of course I enjoyed his American Top 40 through AFKN.
I am now a president of ERA PM Service Co.,Ltd,a company of property management.Beside my business,I work for Korea- America Frendship Society as a director. They have held KAF night two times a year since 1990 and the first night will be June 26 ..
You said that to keep this site,donation is required.Why not? I willing to donate the expenses for running this precious and amazing site.Please let me know the way I can do.
I am looking forward to your earliest answer. Thank you for your efforts
and May God bless you forever!!!!.
Sincerely yours Bongjoo Kim
12:42am 06-22-2014
Hi i'm looking for guys that were in the 97th TC I was there from jan 1959 til jan 1961 I see a lot of guys from the 11th headquarters and croix chapaeu I went on a couple of nodex's I was in an accident on my last one a Frenchman plowed into my Jeep and put me in the hospital at crox chapeau I was flown there by a small plane that was just outside our barracs back then it was filled with sheep on the field I would appreceate any help on this
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