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11:55am 02-04-2014
I served on HILL 754 Casey 3-9er 85/86
5:31pm 01-13-2014
tank driver and gunner with the 40th armor and then the 73rd armor at camp beavers -  oct 62 - oct63. made several trips to the DMZ. I miss the place
and all my buddies I served with. would like to hear from anyone that served there anytime.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
10:14am 01-08-2014
I served 5 tour's in Korea.
1960-62 A Co 51st Sig Bn, Uijongbu
1963-64 A Co 127th Sig Bn, 7th In Div, Tongduchong
1965-66 A Co, 301st Sig Bn, 8th Army, Yongdongpo
1967-68 Det K, KMAG,, Kwanggu

This is a great blog site with a lot of great pic's to remind me of the past. Thanks to Bruce for putting it together.
8:11am 12-17-2013
82-83 C Co, 802nd Engr Bn,spent most of the year at the DMZ, 87-90 1st Tank, 2nd ID, Dragon Valley, and Yongsan, 92,93, 18th MEDCOM, 96 to 98 civil service Yongsan.
9:34pm 12-08-2013
CAMP CASEY 1971-1972 Co B 2nd S&TRN 2 Inf. Div.looking for anyone that was there the same time. I had adog named 2 ton and NANCY on my truck.
4:43pm 12-06-2013
I was in Korea from Dec 65 to Jan 67 stationed at camp cassey  2/32 7th Div.  Looking at these pictures brought back a lot of memories. Quonssett huts the  villages walking guard duity wow. Love to hear from Don Slone or Richard Tanski.
5:21pm 12-04-2013
This was my first assignment. I was here July 75-Aug 76. I was also in B battery ammo, then OMTS and a bit in Firing section. The "shammers" photo was my post as well as those below the "Going to the Field in 76" photos. I ended up marrying our Plt Sgt's sis-n-law (SFC Fleshman, firing plt). Been married now for coming up on 37 years. I retired after 23 years and have been working as a Civil Servant @ Fort Lee, VA for 15 years now. Going to retire again next Dec. Say hi anyone...God bless. Dane
9:51pm 12-03-2013
Hey Bruce
I was stationed at Camp Colbern 76-77 B, Btry Ammo
I drove the missile Truck. I served with all the firing squad shammers.
11:07pm 11-27-2013
Served with Combat Support Unit  B Co 51st Sig atCp Ste Barbara
In winter of 63 then moved to Co A  near Uijongbu.
Would like to hear from any of the guys I served with.
8:27am 11-26-2013
Was a crewchief  2nd Flt. Plt. @ Camp Stanley 1970 w/ 239th Aviation (ASSAULT HEL.) Co. Then w/ 239th Aviation (ASSAULT HEL.) Co. 3rd Flt. Plt. @ R-401 Airfield, Wonju FROKA, KMAG Det. thru Sept. 1971. Looked over your pics from Korea, Great Job! Thanks for the memories!
2:12am 11-25-2013
I was A Co, 2/31, at Happy Valley, in 1967. I was the company "jack of all trades", 1st Sgt's driver, assistant Training NCO, weapons plt squad leader, even worked the DMZ as an Imjin Scout ...I'm an old grandpa now in North Carolina, now., trying to connect with some of my buddies.
12:31pm 11-22-2013
US Army Korea 12/63-11/64 with 510th Ordinance on KMAG compound. Hawk missile systems radar repair for tracking and search radars. Definately a good 2hr dirve to Seoul and rough roads. Missile sites were on top of mountians and in winter months pretty dangerous driving with 4 wheel drive and chains on all 4. Worked out of the test vans on top of hill in compound and lived in quanset just above the mess hall. Captian Ennis was top guy and do remember Sgt Taylor, Sgt Shannon, PFC Dawkins, Sp/4 Mahalik.
11:15am 11-21-2013
B Co., 321st USASA Bn...Camp Casey 59-60
4:21pm 11-20-2013
Camp St Barbara. 1967-68. Commo Sgt. C btry 2/76.
6:28am 11-20-2013
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