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12:23am 05-16-2014
Camp Kaiser HQ group 2nd recon 10th Cav. from April 60 to May 61.
Looking for people that were stationed at the same place at the same time.
Camp Jackson 8th NCO Academy from 1977 to 1978
10:44am 05-03-2014
I served in Korea, 1958-59. I was assigned to the 7th. Admin. (repo depot) Co. Camp Casey...  Met a lot great guys there.  Also served in Germany in 1962-64, in Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, and TDY to Barton Barracks (210th Arty), Ansbach.  I wish all you guys and girls that I had the honor to serve with, nothing but the best. Bob Manini
10:28am 04-28-2014
3/81st Arty, Camp Colbern  Aug 1965- Sep 1966
12:34pm 04-26-2014
Dear Richards

I am a Korean political scientist, who is interested in U.S. bases in Korea. Especially the change of barracks(from tent-quonset hut etc). I am emailing you to ask if I can reproduce some photos in you webpage for my research.  It will be written in Korean. Could you genersouly share your precious photos for academic purpose.

Could you reply me back please. I leave my email address.  
Best regards,
Mk Kim
5:47pm 04-21-2014
My first tour of duty was at Camp Humpheys from 66-68. Went to the 582nd Trans. Co. in Sandhofen, Germany. Was stationed next store to "OCS" Old Coleman Stockade. Landed in Germany the day that Bobby Kennedy died.  From there to Chu Lai, Vietnam with D Troop 1/1 Cav from 69-72.  "DDAP" If You Ain't Cav You Ain'T S__it"!!!
4:19am 04-06-2014
Hi there.
I am helping my wife learn more about her late father in law and would appreciate if anyone knew him or had any stories or photos they would like to share.
His name was Charles "Chuck" Adrian Wright. He served in Germany around '67 and '68 in plainclothes. He had jet black hair and blue eyes.
You can email me at rhysr.lawson@gmail.com
Thank you for your time and service
9:04pm 03-27-2014
51st Signal 12/65 to 3/67..  Ujumbu.
8:58pm 03-23-2014
my home
ich bewundere gerade ihr samlung von der alten armystation rothwesten haben sie auch bilder von der alten gun post? gruss udo p. leis
6:50pm 03-23-2014
I was in 45th trans. 72-73 I sure miss the Vill. Anyone else?
9:58pm 03-11-2014
was msa guard .anyone know douglas wagner?
9:54pm 03-11-2014
anyone from 1964=1965
10:29pm 03-08-2014
I was at the 2/76th at Camp St Barbara 1966 and 1967. Hq. Battery. I was Artillery Survey Chief. Had some great friends there. Still connect with a few, but would like to find some more.
4:03pm 03-01-2014
12:14pm 03-01-2014
Fantastic job.  Loved the pictures.  Brought back many memories.  I was the legal clerk for 2nd Bn 31st Inf at Camp Kaiser during 1963-64.  I was in HQ company for the 2nd Bn.  Would love to hear from other guys during that period.
12:15am 02-27-2014
Served with 585th Trand Co (Med Trk) from Aug 70 to Mar 71 as NCOIC of guntruck "HardCore".  That was when 585th was stationed at Camp Eagle between Hue and Quang Tri.
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