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2:27am 09-10-2017
Danny Macias
Stationed at Camp Kaiser Feb. '68 to May '69 2nd Batallion 17th Mech Inf Headquarters Co. Mortar Platoon. I was designated driver for track 57.
My memory of moving out of the camp to build a phase line of bunkers, and having to use Agent Orangeon the weeds where we were digging,before the engineers came in to pour the cement forms to make the bunkers.
If any one remembers those two times we were made to leave the camp and live in the field for 3 to 4 months at a time. We only came back to camp 'cause it got to cold to dig in the damn ed frozen ground.
1:12pm 07-30-2017
christopher worsham
Looking for anyone in SVC Btry, 2nd/76, St barbara Aug,69, Aug,70. Thanks for your efforts to keep this site open. Enjoyed the memories.
3:00am 07-28-2017
Clarence Smith
It took me back in time
11:43pm 07-02-2017
terry michaels
still looking for anybody in korea in 1964 that was with the 13th qm at camp baker in yong dong po. also looking for anybody with c company 802nd engineers near camp long outsde wonju.
also spent time at sea range on the yellow sea. saw alot in one year.
10:54pm 06-21-2017
Willy Sepulveda
I visited CP Stanley in many occasions during 1976-1977 while stationed at Camp Billy Mosier with B Co 2/61 ADA behind Camp Red Cloud (CRC). Great times & great memories. There is the 2nd ID Association, INC which you can reach at P.O. Box#371, Olivia NC 28368-0371 for all past & present 2 ID Warriors. God bless to all my brothers who proudly served on The Land of the Morning Calm. Second To None is correct.
4:45pm 06-20-2017
Lynn Krachmer
I was stationed at Camp Humphreys - 306 Trans from June 1970 to July 1971. They say that you either love it or hated it in Korea -- I love it. I was what you called a village rat. I remember having many fun times going out to Happy Mountain via the rice patties paths, sometimes getting so wasted we could hardly walk back. Made some really good friendships. I few months back one of them contacted me through face book, it was great to hear from him. I tried to find some of the other that I served with but haven't had much luck finding anyone yet. Maybe this forum will help.
3:16pm 06-20-2017
Frankie Medrano
I was stationed at Co C Camp Colbern Korea Feb 1984 to Feb 1985 and Iam looking for members of this Camp at those times my rooom mates Spc 4 Robinson California, Spec 4 Levensailor Timothy Upstate New York, and also Spec 4 Jackson Jackson Mississippi,,, buddies Pfc Collins Ohio, Pfc Woods New York , and others this is Pfc Medrano Corsicana Texas remember our bs code Mermer mermer lmbo brothers ,,,
8:30am 06-19-2017
Jesse Venable
I was stationed from 2003-2005 at Camp Stanley and loved *almost* every minute of it. It always brings a smile to my face looking at pictures and thinking of all the memories.
8:22pm 06-05-2017
Sgt mccarty
I served on Stanly 78 and 79 1-15 field artillery .things have changed... also camp essayon 74 and 75 6and 37 field artillery wish you had pictures.
7:04pm 05-29-2017
Thierry Florent
Camp Stanley 1973 to 1974. A battery 1/15 field artillery. Was captain driver for captain Powers and captain Rice. We had a great team became Honor battery we all work hard and play hard. Enjoyed the DMZ at for Papa one
8:10am 05-19-2017
Anthony Murawski
Stationed there Aug. 1965 to Aug. 1966. A great experience.
12:56pm 05-06-2017
Scott Dykstra
I arrived at camp Ames about 2 months after that problem in the area happened. Reference the post before mine. I recall folks talking about it,glad I wasn't there when it happened. I would've feared for my life ,the whole time I was there. I am looking for some guys I knew there,if you know these guys I would like to hear from you. Sgt. Bob wright worked in the motor pool. Spc 5 Royce Burrows. Whittaker ,I only recall his last name worked in the motor pool. Mickey Alcorn. Left the army, shortly after I got there.
Douglass Stevenson , the Chaplain. Many memories of those days I spent in South Korea. My phone number is. 606 367 1909. God bless
11:03am 03-15-2017
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2:14pm 03-13-2017
I recently found the following story.

Based on a True Event

Atomic Kimchi is a novel and although it’s fiction, it’s based on an actual historical event. In February, 1973, an explosion destroyed building S-210 at Camp Ames, a US Army installation in the Republic of Korea. Camp Ames was a Special Weapons Storage Facility, Army-speak for a nuclear weapons storage depot and on a cold night long ago, someone set off an explosion in a bunker that stored atomic weapons. My novel takes that actual event and continues a story of espionage and intrigue beyond the actual event to something that could have happened.

In the above paragraph, the author describes an event that I was right in the middle of. BOOM, and suddenly a hundred MPs were armed and in defensive positions around the facility. There were already plenty of us on regular duty. Tower Jockies, SAT(Strategic Alert Team), BAF(Backup Alert Force), and now the rest of us were out there waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't know how much I can say about things, but I helped the CID investegator search through the wreckage the next morning. I found the padlocks used to secure the building where 3 of 5 Nike' Missle Warheads were detinated. I'm not sure if he's the guy who wrote the book but it was he and I with a couple other MPs gathering evidence. And he was interested in the condition of the door locks for obvious reasons. One of the Tower Jockies who was on duty in his Tower maybe 50 feet away, was lucky to be alive, and presumably shipped home. Now, these places were built by smart people to withstand this kind of thing. The arms were stored in underground bunkers, and buildings like S-210 were surrounded by huge concrete walls backed by massive dirt berms. The blast was mostly directed straight up. I've decided not to say anything about the "Special Weapons".

Jed 110th MP, Camp Ames Korea 1973.
1:19pm 03-11-2017
Miguel Pereyo
I was with the 538 Eng Co. during 1963until December 1964. I was the CO during the move from Tong du Chon Ni in Sept 1964.

Good times great friends.
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