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9:05am 03-23-2018
Michael Ivie
I was at Stanley from 82 to 84
8:56am 03-12-2018
Daniel W. Kritzer
64th Trans.124th Trans.Bn., Hq 27th Trans. Bn. 8th Trans. Gp.
10:18am 02-28-2018
Randal Melkus
Camp Colbern, Early 90's I think 92-3
1:56pm 02-24-2018
516 th ORDANANCE CO DAS .. ASCOM CITY 1959 - 1960
10:56am 02-24-2018
Jim Arinella
13th trans camp Stanley wi jong bu 1959-1960
9:41pm 02-21-2018
burnis rasnake
I was at camp st. Barber 1962--1963 76arty m_8 track driver glad to have been there
11:01pm 02-20-2018
Mary Valentine
Really am enjoying all these amazing photos! Thank you so much for posting them. I have been just pouring over them with rapt interest!

I have 4 older brothers who were in the Navy during the Vietnam war. All saw active duty, one participated in rescue missions of downed pilots (information I only pulled out of him within the last few years. He's pretty tight mouthed about his experiences in general.) Anyway, again, thanks for creating this mind-blowing reservoir of photographic information!

I have a vet friend who was in the service during the 60s and 70s... I'm going to forward this site address to him. I think he'll flip!
1:02pm 02-17-2018
Michael Wonzik
Camp Casey, '66,'67,'68.
2:31am 02-07-2018
Marshall whiting
Looking for some people who weht to Jfk school in Kassel Lee whiting
4:10pm 01-07-2018
William Daniel
Camp Colbern, 93-94 Switch Plt.
10:45am 01-05-2018
John mcleod
Camp Colbern 6/65-7/66. A Btryy was a 13B cannon cocker, ended up driving for XO.
9:40am 12-30-2017
Paul Hardy
Bruce, kudos to you for putting this website together!!
I was stationed at Cp Humhreys Nov ’74 – Oct ’77. I was with the 802d Engr Bn (Cbt) (Hvy) HHC and also Co C. I stayed in the Army and retired from AD after 28 years… Periodically I ran into a few people from 802d in Europe and other places but that happened very seldom. I’m still in touch with a couple of ppl but would be happy to hear from anyone who served with the 802d the same time I did. BTW, I go back to Korea on a regular basis and few years ago I went by Cp Humphreys. Most parts of the base have changed a LOT but some areas have not changed that much. The Motor Pool area, for example, is still at the same place, etc. The streets by the The 802d Engr Bn area have not changed but all of the Bn bldg’s are gone, except for C Co bldg! (I matched it against the pic in the yearbook!) Had my pic taken in front of that bldg. almost 40 years after I was assigned to that unit….
9:29pm 12-29-2017
George Butler
Looking for any one from Co A 13th Engr Bn 1965
7:04am 12-29-2017
C.O. Fluty
I was at Camp Humphreys in 76-77. I was a uh-1 mechanic / crew. My unit was asa.....we had 3 acft, and supported 3 sites up in the dmz.
12:48am 12-29-2017
Milt Newton
I Was at Camp Humphries, 1964-65. C Company 304th Signal Battalion. It's been hard to connect with anyone from this time frame. I was told that my company relocated to somewhere up north. I was able too return in 1997. Was amazed at how it had change. Was able to find just a small bit of my company area still standing.
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