7:52am 01-26-2020
At Camp Colbern 1970 - 1971. I was a 21R20 Firing set repairman with the Ordnance Platoon. Would like to hear from other Ordnance guys that I served with.
5:36pm 01-24-2020
Robert Janicke
At Camp Colbern from 66-67. 72B20 MOS landline teletype operator in the crypto bunker. I was on call 24/7 I drove my Jeep With a sign “ courier do not delay“ Part of my job was to go to yong son pick up movie reels to bring back to camp Colbern.
I would do it all over again, God Bless America
3:15pm 01-24-2020
Bill Miller
I served in Korea in 62/63 with the 43rd surgical hosp/
8th an operating room tech...anyone there at
that time please let me know...I sometime used the name
Charles...made Sp/5 while live in Jacksonville.
2:50am 01-18-2020
Nancy G - Rec Dir
Served as Rec Director at Camp Colbern, 3/81st F.A., 1975-76. I thought it was being decommissioned. Doesn't look at all the same after they made it a "Hilton" in the 1990s. Wow. Bring your own car on base and stay in the duplexes. Not like I remembered. Tried to find some of the people I knew esp winter/spring 1976. No one wants to talk about those days with the hootches across from the main gate. Can't figure why?
5:17pm 12-26-2019
Daniel E Kraft
I was in from Jan 1960 to Jan 1963. I was stationed in Croix Chapeau and also Laleu from May 1960 to about Dec 1961. Really enjoyed reading all of the information that you have here. I'll have to see if I can find some of my old pictures.
8:02am 12-22-2019
Robert olszewski
anyone serverd 600 engineers Korea 1964-65
3:25pm 12-09-2019
Robert G Wing
Any pictures Of Camp Howze,, Division Hq.
8:13pm 12-07-2019
Ray Massarelli
I was stationed at ASCOM , HQ & HQ - CDPD for 8 months than half of CDPD was moved to Camp Henry in Tague. I spent another 7 months at camp Henry. Korea May 1965 to August 1966.
Took the troop transport ship USS Gordon to Inchon then flew Northwest orient back to the states. Fort Lewis , SETAC
From Bayonne New Jersey, Basic training at Fort Dix, NJ 1964-1965
7:54pm 12-07-2019
Jerry Polson
I was at the 335th Maint. Bn From 1966-67. I was a radio repairman 31E20. Our compound was close to the stockade. Haven't seen much information on this compound. The 335th maint. did just about any kind of maint.
10:53pm 11-22-2019
Bernie Court
I was at Camp Red Cloud, Hdqtrs. Co., with the 51st Signal Battalion-
from 1959-60, We had our own quonset hut which was part sleeping quarters and part work-shop area. The group was small and we were direction finders, trained at ASA school at Ft. Devens.. Our leader was a E-5 sergeant and the rest of us were Spc. 5's. We pretty much planned our own assignments before we went to the field and the duty was pretty good. When I got ready to leave they were building a new mess hall.

Your picture work was well appreciated and they brought back a few memories. From your photos of the present times, I would never recognize the area.

I came across your photos when I was planning on ordering a 51st Sig
Bn cap on Amazon.

Thanks for sharing your photos and info and I am sure I speak for many vets who have also enjoyed your site.
6:18pm 11-22-2019
Herschel (Ed) Warman
I was assigned to Hq. & Hq. Co. in November 1960 as a PFC where I was a Staff Writer for the weekly 7TH Infantry Division "BAYONET" Newspaper until March 1961 at which time I was transferred to north to Camp Kaiser.

There, I functioned as what amounted to the Camp Kaiser Bureau Chief of the "BAYONET" Newspaper Until I rotated back to the U.S. in February 1962. My Korean tour was extended for 60 days due to the Berlin Wall Crisis.

I produced several articles about events soldiers and units, that were published in the Bayonet, Pacific Stars & Stripes and the Army Times newspapers. A couple of feature stories were were even picked up by the wire services and published in the U.S. and Europe.

There many occasions during my stay at Camp Kaiser when we went on Red Alert until North Korean Army Infiltrators that had crossed the DMZ were captured by U.S. Army, Thai Army Turkish Army and/or ROK units.
11:28pm 11-21-2019
Ron Feldstein
thanks for the 5.5 of DX-telnet. Im was using 5.1, sure like it
8:54am 11-19-2019
Kim Pil-jae
I live in Uijeongbu. I worked in Yongsan as a KATUSA MP(55th MP Co.). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work. Without the U.S. military, there would be no Republic of S. Korea today. Let's go together! I wish you the best luck! (From Retired SGT. Kim Pil-jae)
9:21am 11-16-2019
lester demay
thank you Jonathan A Hodgdon. I was in C.Company 17tran battalion from Aug. 62 .until June 63 moved to Camp Kaiser. my apc at Casey was #14. thank again for your time. My time in Korea was an experence
5:37pm 11-13-2019
Jonathan A. Hodgdon
I worked long and hard to recreate the the two pictures at the head of your page.They were scanned from my yearbook from my tour at camp Casey 1962-1963 with the 17th Trans Battalion. I am so happy that you used them. I now winter in Florida where I was able to finds hats with the 7th Infantry hourglass logo, and a U.S.Army transportation theme. I am a past member of the 7th Infantry Division and have wonderful memories of my time in Korea. Thank you for keeping the web page alive.
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