6:32am 08-21-2020
I served with battery A 2nd Battalion (HAWK) 71st Artillery , 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade 1967-68 I was there when our batteries were spray with what later called agent orange. I am trying to find 38th personal to be sure they are aware of their rights. A while ago the government started doing C&P exams for the radars. Apparently some medical issues were found to be associated with them. William Kenney [email protected]
8:19pm 08-19-2020
Tracy wood
Frankie medrano [email protected]
8:17pm 08-19-2020
Frankie medrano if you read this email me (84". 304th Signal bt. Camp colbern,korea
5:26pm 08-14-2020
2D BG 4th Cav ,1st Cav Div (Camp Mac Kenzie 62-63j
1st Bn 38th Inf 2d Inf Div ( South Camp Custer )69-70
1st Bn 38th Inf 2d Inf DIV (Camy Hovey ) 78-79
8:33pm 08-10-2020
I was stationed at Camp Ames. I would like to hear from some of you that were stationed there. My phone number is. 606 367 1909
8:09am 07-26-2020
William Kenny. I was in HQs Battery 4/76 Artillery a few years after you 1965-1967. We have a group of about 60 guys that were in the 4/76 from 1960 to 1971 when they left Korea. I'm at [email protected]
12:07am 07-22-2020
I am looking for maps of Btry A 2nd Battalion (HAWK) 71 air Defense Artillery, 38 air Defense Artillery Brigade on the kimpo pensular.
7:39am 07-13-2020
Good morning , I heard you on 14.228MHz on time with jJA1CG?.
Then I call you .But You catched another US station.

So I have to go to Bath this evening . So I hope see you again.
Because Last contact with you on10/20/99 10m SSB.
73 JE1RXJ Tack Takeshi Goto 10X #39968
1:52pm 07-11-2020
These Pictures Bring Back So Many Memories. I Was With 13th Helicopter in 1959 Located @ Camp Stanley. I Made A Trip Back In 2013 To Visit Uijongbu and The Village Of SongSoni (?). Oh How It Has Changed I Didn't See One Single Moose The Whole Time I was There. I Actually Enjoyed My One year Tour Of Duty.
2:00pm 07-08-2020
After I sent my posting, I reviewed over a dozen pages in the guestbook and found no postings from troops stationed in Korea during the 1950s. As I turned 85 yesterday, I realize how many of us old-timers are gone. Many of the photos brought back memories of the 1955-1956 period when Korea was still a destitute war torn country. One of the photos showed the huge granite statues carved from a side of a mountain by Buddist monks well before the Korean War which we referred to as "Papa-san, Mama-san, and Baby-san" that was in close proximity to Camp Howse. As defense platoon members for the 24th ID Headquarters, we passed by this national monument frequently on patrol and were awed by its size and relevance. I also noted some references to weaponry on this website. Unlike state-side basic infantry school, our 9-man squads (there were no women allowed in Korea during my time there) were equipped with 2 to 3 BAR men, a 45-cal. grease gun and 45 Colt side-arm for the squad leader, and 5 guys with M-1 rifles, some riflemen serving as BAR ammo carriers. No one carried M-1 carbines, as they were considered inferior weapons for Korean fighting conditions - dust, mud, too light for close combat and subject to "jamming". As the war proved, it was all about fire power and occasional close combat against the Chinese hoards. Upon my arrival in Korea and for months afterwards, we lived in dirt-floored squad tents. Later, Quonset huts supplies were shipped to Camp Howse and the respective military units had to construct them. The problem: they were huts for tropical conditions - SNAFU. But somehow our guys assembled the huts on a flattened site on the mountainside and scrounged materials far-and-wide to make it suitable for Korean weather conditions. For the entire 16 months I was there, we utilized outhouses and piss-tubes. One did not linger in the outhouse, especially when temps were below zero. But as a member of Headquarters Co., we enjoyed much better conditions than the front-line infantry and artillery units of the 24th at Munsan'ni along the Imjin River.. R & R leaves to Japan was always a welcome trip to civility.
12:50pm 07-08-2020
I was stationed at Camp Howse with the 24th Infantry Division from April 1955 through July 1956. At that time Camp Howse was Division Headquaters for the 24th ID. I was selected for the division Honor Guard and eventually became qualified for the Silent Drill Team. The drill team performed the 18-minute program before many dignitaries and at various locations. The alternate duty for the Honor Guard was to serve as the defense platoon for Division Headquarters. In later years after the 24th was relieved, Camp Howse was occupied by units of the 1st CavalrIy Division and the 2nd Infantry Division.
12:35pm 07-05-2020
12:27pm 07-05-2020
51st Signal Battalion
12:25pm 07-05-2020
i was all over SK in 1964 -66. Uijonbu, Hq and Hq company
5:05pm 07-01-2020
I served in Korea 1962to1963 with hdqs.4/76 field artillery next to the village of Kum-kok this was a great experience in my life and I have two great friends i still talk to from our time in korea.
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