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11:14am 11-08-2016
Terry Wright
I was assigned to 168th engineer battalion HHC at Dian base camp from September 1967 to September 1968
1:16am 10-27-2016
Gary Woodworth
Stanley, 8/8 FA. 89-91
1:12am 10-27-2016
Gary Woodworth
I still enjoy visiting your page
11:23pm 10-10-2016
Sam Marmoy
I was stationed at Camp Colbern, with the 304th Signal Battalion from Spring 1995 to Spring 1996. It's really cool to see photo of how it was when I was there. Strange to thinks it doesn't exist anymore thou.
12:12pm 10-07-2016
Chuck Baker
Stationed 48th Ord Co Baumholder from July ;63 to April '65. Served under 1st Sgt James Rainey. The finest man I ever met. Was training NCO as I had been an instructor for the officers course in Aberdeen. Best friends were Dave Raco from Pittsburgh and Tom McFarland from Fort Morgan CO.
1:36pm 09-22-2016
Tom English
I was stationed in Korea from Jan 1967 until March 1968. I served in the 2/31 Infantry, Headquarter Company, Recon Platoon at Camp Casey. Moved to the zone and Camp Kaiser was stationed there until March 1968. Got extended when the Pueblo was taken.
11:39am 08-31-2016
Jesse Polanco
I was stationed at little America Lin 1968 to 1969 about 10 miles from Phang Rang Air Base. I would like to find someone that was there. My Unit was D Company, 51st Infantry attached to the 18th Military Police.
10:26pm 08-25-2016
Bedford Brown
Served Battery B 2nd Howitzer Bn 8th Artillery Korea 10/58 to 10/59 Camp Parris. 105mm howitzer gunner. What was the name of the village across from the battery location.
11:36pm 08-11-2016
Joe Morrison
I was an MP at CRC in 1078-79-80. This is a great site thank you for your good work. Oh The Menories
8:37pm 08-10-2016
served at camp colburn 1974-1975
10:50am 08-01-2016
Jim Meagher
Camp Ames, 2 January 1972-3 Feb 1973 110th MP Co (PS) Tower Rat, Control Gate 2, SAT Teams, to Arms Room to Town Patrol in Chang Dong Ni. Once you really understood the mission. and resigned your fate, you just swatted away the mosquitos and awaited DEROS
5:58pm 07-31-2016
Bill Seibert
I was at Lalue jan 1959 thu jan 1961 97th TC
4:47pm 07-30-2016
James Lambert
I was stationed at the Kumoree ordinance center in D Co. 4th Maint from Nov. 65 til March of 67. Capt Hammer was the CO. Sgt. Ramsey 1st Sgt. Anybody served with me lets talk. I have some pictures I'll try to post later.
6:00pm 07-25-2016
Christin Kaletka
E- Mail derzeit stillgelegt.
9:15pm 07-23-2016
Richard Bridges
I was with Tank Company, 32nd Inf Regt Dec 1956-May 1957 when we moved up to Camp Kaiser to be reflagged as Troop C, 2nd Sqdn, 10th Cavalry. The tour was 16 months then and I went home in April 1958 from Kaiser. I had four more tours in Korea but the one that I remember with fond memories is the Camp Kaiser tour.
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