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2:14pm 03-13-2017
I recently found the following story.

Based on a True Event

Atomic Kimchi is a novel and although it’s fiction, it’s based on an actual historical event. In February, 1973, an explosion destroyed building S-210 at Camp Ames, a US Army installation in the Republic of Korea. Camp Ames was a Special Weapons Storage Facility, Army-speak for a nuclear weapons storage depot and on a cold night long ago, someone set off an explosion in a bunker that stored atomic weapons. My novel takes that actual event and continues a story of espionage and intrigue beyond the actual event to something that could have happened.

In the above paragraph, the author describes an event that I was right in the middle of. BOOM, and suddenly a hundred MPs were armed and in defensive positions around the facility. There were already plenty of us on regular duty. Tower Jockies, SAT(Strategic Alert Team), BAF(Backup Alert Force), and now the rest of us were out there waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't know how much I can say about things, but I helped the CID investegator search through the wreckage the next morning. I found the padlocks used to secure the building where 3 of 5 Nike' Missle Warheads were detinated. I'm not sure if he's the guy who wrote the book but it was he and I with a couple other MPs gathering evidence. And he was interested in the condition of the door locks for obvious reasons. One of the Tower Jockies who was on duty in his Tower maybe 50 feet away, was lucky to be alive, and presumably shipped home. Now, these places were built by smart people to withstand this kind of thing. The arms were stored in underground bunkers, and buildings like S-210 were surrounded by huge concrete walls backed by massive dirt berms. The blast was mostly directed straight up. I've decided not to say anything about the "Special Weapons".

Jed 110th MP, Camp Ames Korea 1973.
1:19pm 03-11-2017
I was with the 538 Eng Co. during 1963until December 1964. I was the CO during the move from Tong du Chon Ni in Sept 1964.

Good times great friends.
3:25pm 03-01-2017
I was with the 77th Trans Co from about April 1964 to Dec 1965 then departed to RVN.
1:57pm 02-25-2017
Saw picture of Jim MacNab. Was he with HHC 1st Brigade, 7th ID in 1968?
6:01am 02-14-2017
I was stationed at Cp Kaiser in 66-68 in A-7/5 HAWK MISSILE.Anyone out there that was there the same time would love to find out & chat.
I was a Launcher crewman E-4.I spent the MI.ANG and retired as a E-6 first cook wish I'd been doing that all the time.Loved it.
2:52pm 02-07-2017
65 & 66. B Co.2nd 31st Infantry 6mos. M60 GUNNER, perimeter guard, some inside DMZ experiences. ROKs shot another platoon up by accident because of "no live ammo " policy. Transferred to 7th Administration from Orderly Room because I could type.
7:05pm 01-23-2017
Was In A btry 65-66. I Corp. 3/81 Arty.
9:56am 01-19-2017
Very much enjoyed the pictures, thank you for your efforts, I served from May 62 to May 65, Boot camp Ft Lenard Wood Missouri, then on to Ft Devin's Mass for 058 training, then to the 184 USASA Co, Rothwesten, Germany for two years until discharge, Most fun years of my life, wish I had taken more pictures
8:44pm 01-13-2017
Love your pictures I spent 5 tours (8.5) years in Korea, 72 to 92.
8:45pm 01-12-2017
Forgot to mention , 122 Sig, in the 80's, before the flood
8:42pm 01-12-2017
Enjoyed viewing your photos, thank you for posting them
3:36am 01-10-2017
102nd MI Hovey 87-88 Bn Mtr Sgt,,122nd Sig Casey Bn Mtr Sgt 88-89 then back again 122nd Sig Bn HHC 1st Sgt 91-92,, 102nd MI Hovey Bn Mtr Sgt 92-93
7:35pm 01-09-2017
I was at camp Humphreys ASA 05k-o5h in 1968 & 1969. Spent a lot of time at Duffy's. Also had friends in the motor pool & linquist's. Lot of good memories.
2:19am 01-08-2017
I was statironed at Red Cloud from 1979 to 1980 and also 1981/2 to October 1983. I was with A Company 304th Signal Bn both times. Your pictures brought back lots of memories for me. I had to leave Korea early because my wife and kids died in a house fire there. I was wondering if you were at red cloud during that time
3:22pm 12-31-2016
Hi! I am looking for any information on my father who served in Korea. I don't have a name, although it might also be Jack. I was born in 1962 in Uijongbu, Korea. I believe he was there in 1961. I noticed 2 camps located near Uijongbu, Jackson and Piliaau. He might have been stationed there. I do have a photo. I also think he may have been from Wyoming. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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