12:25pm 04-09-2018
I was stationed at Camp Colbern from June 1965 to August 1966.My Rank was Sp/5 at that time. Best regards to all that served. I have about a thousand photos from the time period. On the base as well as the village. I would enjoy posting them. Best regards to all. Tony
1:58pm 04-06-2018
Scott Dykstra
I served at camp Ames Back in the early 1970 's. I'm looking for Bob Wright ,Royce Burrows , Whitaker ( only a last name ). I would enjoy talking with anyone that served there. My phone number is 606 367 1909. Scott
10:05am 03-25-2018
William White
Camp Humphreys 1977-78 30 Ordnance Company TH (GS) Dirty Thirty Mechanic/Motor Pool. Good times and good friends
3:54am 03-25-2018
I love these pictures. I was at CRC for a while and just got back from a trip to Yongsan, Stanley, and CRC. These old pictures are very cool, hard to believe the difference between then and now.
9:05am 03-23-2018
Michael Ivie
I was at Stanley from 82 to 84
8:56am 03-12-2018
Daniel W. Kritzer
64th Trans.124th Trans.Bn., Hq 27th Trans. Bn. 8th Trans. Gp.
10:18am 02-28-2018
Randal Melkus
Camp Colbern, Early 90's I think 92-3
1:56pm 02-24-2018
516 th ORDANANCE CO DAS .. ASCOM CITY 1959 - 1960
10:56am 02-24-2018
Jim Arinella
13th trans camp Stanley wi jong bu 1959-1960
9:41pm 02-21-2018
burnis rasnake
I was at camp st. Barber 1962--1963 76arty m_8 track driver glad to have been there
11:01pm 02-20-2018
Mary Valentine
Really am enjoying all these amazing photos! Thank you so much for posting them. I have been just pouring over them with rapt interest!

I have 4 older brothers who were in the Navy during the Vietnam war. All saw active duty, one participated in rescue missions of downed pilots (information I only pulled out of him within the last few years. He's pretty tight mouthed about his experiences in general.) Anyway, again, thanks for creating this mind-blowing reservoir of photographic information!

I have a vet friend who was in the service during the 60s and 70s... I'm going to forward this site address to him. I think he'll flip!
1:02pm 02-17-2018
Michael Wonzik
Camp Casey, '66,'67,'68.
2:31am 02-07-2018
Marshall whiting
Looking for some people who weht to Jfk school in Kassel Lee whiting
4:10pm 01-07-2018
William Daniel
Camp Colbern, 93-94 Switch Plt.
10:45am 01-05-2018
John mcleod
Camp Colbern 6/65-7/66. A Btryy was a 13B cannon cocker, ended up driving for XO.
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