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7:15am 03-08-2016
In I believe it was the 585th March or April 1968 around nine viet cong tunneled under a boulder just outside the compound slit the guards fanned out throwing satchel carges in the barracks and started shooting the guys as they ran out.I was with A Co 84th Eng next to your compound. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who survived that attack.
1:03pm 02-29-2016
Pfc moore c company 304th. 83-84 they were building the Olympic site when I was there. Regularly saw the progress on the bus to youngsan
4:36pm 02-28-2016
I was at Rothwesten 1964 to 68. in the 319th ASA.
I've lost track of comrades. Would like to get back in touch.
4:57pm 02-26-2016
I was at Rothwesten from 1957 to1959. Would like to hear from anyone who may remember me in Ops.
8:20pm 02-03-2016
Part of Msg 02-01-2016 made no sense, so I deleted that part.
7:30pm 02-03-2016
What is the meaning of entry 02-01-2016?
12:06pm 02-02-2016
WTF does the post below this supposed to mean?
12:44am 02-01-2016
In 1967 I was at LZ English. door gunner crew chief in B co. 229.
7:20pm 01-28-2016
My # is 937-544-5792 Camp St. Barbara
7:17pm 01-28-2016
I was at B-Battery 76 field Artillery Camp St. Barbara Aug.67- Sept 68. If any one remembers me or there at the some time, get in touch with me.
1:44pm 01-11-2016
I was a MP stationed at Camp Kaiser from May 1969 to July 1970.
10:50am 01-05-2016
Forgot to mention I was stationed at Camp Colbern, company A. Sergeant Missile unit.
10:31am 01-05-2016
I was a OMTS operator from July 71 to June 72. looking for other members of my unit. Looking to re-unite..
4:38pm 01-04-2016
I was in 77 the
1968 to 1972
8:24pm 12-20-2015
I served with the 77th Transportation in operation FRELOC in 64-67. Stationed at Kassel and then Dachau. I drove a wrecker for the 77th and picked up guys all across Germany and France. We had a truck stop in Fontainebleau France and from there I travelled in all directions. LT Hefferran was in charge. It was a good time for me and I met a lot of very fine men. LT Hefferran awarded me a service medal for my efforts. It was a good time and left me with wonderful memories. I was destined to Ft Benning to train as a chopper pilot but my orders were cancelled and I went home. I think LT Hefferran had a lot to do with that. The pilots that went to Nam led a tough life, however I was sad to have been sent home. I wanted to be a chopper pilot and go to Nam.
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