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12:11pm 09-16-2015
Bill Muether
I served with A Co., 802nd Engr. Bn., at Camp Humphreys from May 1973 - May 1974. This is a great site. I have lots of slides. Will send them to you after I convert them. Thanks Bruce!
11:43am 09-15-2015
Randy Bell
I was there assigned to the 30th Ord. Co from Jan 74 - 77. Worked in Service Section.
8:30pm 09-11-2015
Connor Darrow
My grandfather Bob Darrow was in the 48th Ordnance/Maintenance Co from 1957-1958. Did you know him by chance? He passed before I could talk to him about his service. Please let me know....
12:32pm 09-11-2015
scott dykstra
Larry could you call me. Would be better thanks. Scott
10:44am 09-11-2015
Larry Coppala "Link"
I was stationed with a "Dykstra", just can't remember where. I was a career soldier from 1960 to 1983. My overseas tours were Korea, '61-62, France '63-66, 'Nam 1966-67, Germany 1974-77 & 1981-83.
I was in the U.S. at Ft Jackson SC, Ft Bragg NC(3 times), Ft Rucker AL(2 times), Ft Benning GA, Charleston SC, (during Cuba Missile Crisis). Was it you or a relative of yours?
10:45pm 09-08-2015
Jerry Smith
Hey Peep Sight, I was with you at Kassel in 64 and 65. Won 2nd place in the Battalion and also the 37th Trans Gp Truck Rodeo. Made Sp4 same day by the Bn Commander. Use to hang around with Cpl Kline, Jerry Long, and Billy Hare. Love the site here. Hey if you have time send me some pics of that hot T-Bird and any others you have. Like to look at them. Take care buddy.

1:44pm 09-08-2015
scott dykstra
I was stationed at camp Ames Korea April 1973 to April 1975. If you were there would like to talk to you talk about old times.

Phone no 606 367 1909. Thanks
7:52am 09-06-2015
I was at CRC in HHC/CFA from Feb '85 to Summer '86. I had a great time, went on many tours and took lots of pictures.

Thanks for the trip down memory made me smile. :-).
9:00am 08-18-2015
Russ DeHart
I was in in HHC 3rd MI from 87-88. Was a generator mechanic then went to refueling fixed wings .
Lots of memories for sure.
12:15pm 08-06-2015
Judy M Hamrick
My husband, Col. Ret. Glynne R. Hamrick was the Commander of the 106th from1986-1988. I just found your website. He is away right now, but I will show him your website ASAP. He will appreciate it so much.
Thank you!
7:47pm 07-25-2015
Camp Saber 1963-64 1/77th Arty 1st Cav Div, many memories, propaganda over loud speakers at night, the village of Pomgogi, rice paddies that were fertilized a little different than they are today, honey buckets, very cold winters, shaving in -20 deg weather, kimchi, pulgogi, ojingo and mama-san. Highway 1 was the only paved road in S. Korea at the time. I think it ran from Seoul to Pusan, Walker Hill was the most modern resort for American GI's in the whole country. From where we were close to the DMZ taking a jeep to Camp Howe was like going to the big city, they actually had cars there.
7:33am 07-23-2015
William A. Buchanan
IO was stationed there from January 1960 to July 1962. I contacted a Leutnant Stark in 2001 and arranged to go back there for a day. He treated me and my wife very well and had us chauffered around the base. I got to see their tank training setup and got into one of the tanks there.
11:14am 07-18-2015
Robert Marshall Chil
I was stationed their 1957 to 1959. Additional pictures of the this time period would be appreciated.
9:06am 07-12-2015
James Henderson
HQ Troop, 2nd Squadron 10th Armored Cav Sept 58 to Sept 59
10:46am 07-05-2015
Bill Seibert
I was in the 97th tc at laleu france 1959 to Jan 1961anyone out there yet?
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