7:57am 06-24-2019
Harry Chambers
Rich Scudero. I was about 1 1/2 miles from you. I was across from 1/17 B Battery. I have a map that shows Camp McIntyre.
10:25am 06-22-2019
Scott Davis
Served at Camp Colbern 3/81st F.A. 1973 & 1975. Would be great to hear from anyone from that time. The photos look like they completely raised the camp and rebuilt it since I was there. What happened to the (3) 3 story barracks that went up the hill. Since then 3 of my life time Camp Colbern buddies, have passed. Nick Makarewich, Ralph Glapion, & Buddy Haughwout.
7:02pm 06-20-2019
I was at Humphreys in 79-80. Great duty station at that time . Was assigned to 557th mph co. Traffic detail. A lot of great memories.
4:56pm 06-20-2019
Rich Scudero
I served in the 1st Bn 17th Arty. 1967-68 Came home an SP-5.

Can anyone spot my old post, Camp Mcintyre on a map?
7:08pm 06-05-2019
HHB 4/44th NIKE 38th Bdg (ADA) Oct 1968 thru Nov 1970, nearly 27 months. Currently reside in Roseville, CA
11:57pm 04-24-2019
Tom OHearn
Company Clerk 77 Transportation Company March 1968 thru December 1969.

Live in Karlsfeld with wife, SP5, sure would like to know where Sgt Roofner ended up. Vicenzo Blanacda my 1sg, levied for Vietnam in December 1969.

If anyone remember me please email.
1:49am 04-14-2019
Greg Schlautmann
I served at camp Colbern from 1999-2000 (hhc304 sig) and your pictures nailed how it looked it literally hadn’t changed much at all. I wish there was someone that I could find that was there while I was but honestly the only person who’s name I recall was my katusa roommate and I’m sure you know how many corporal Kim’s have served in the ROK. A lot of old memories of what I considered my favorite posting. Thank you for the memories it’s a long way from Wyoming to Colbern.

Greg Schlautmann
6:47am 04-08-2019
Looking for a Sp/4 Carter station in Pusan Port withe 70th Trans Bn maybe 61 to Jan 63. Used to play soft ball with the Company, used to work part time in the Theater in Pusan Port Area and had a girlfriend b the name of Mona.
Very important
3:41am 03-27-2019
Richard R Riley
I was stationed at Camp Rose in Co. C, 3rd Med Tank Battalion, 40th Armor from Jan 1961 to April 1962. All these memories are coming back: Snow Tiger 2, Chung Hee Park's overthrow of the gov't, going on alert when the Berlin Wall went up and being extended because of it. I have a bunch of photos I'm going to post, including one very similar to one posted on the Camp Rose section taken from the hill overlooking the camp. Am looking to connect with Bliss, Jenkins, Henderson, Smith, Carter, Dozier, and any others who were in Company C (remember the painting party we had when we painted the interior of the barracks. Never saw so many empty beer bottles in one place!)
12:43am 03-13-2019
Ted Stoebling
Ist battalion 32nd infantry, Camp Hovey,1962 to 63
4:06pm 03-12-2019
Steve Chinski
Camp Casey Team Spirit 1983 with 2/31st 7th ID Polar Bears out of Ft Ord, CA. My best 30 days in the Army. Some yobo was left behind because I didn't get stationed in Korea. Made it to Seoul and spent time in the field, but seeing the camp and 2nd ID grunts was an experience. ETS'd May 83, and will retire from DoD the end of this year. Thanks for the pics and memories...
3:28pm 03-10-2019
david carlson
I was in 2nd bg 4th cav of 1st cav div just south of Freedom Bridge at Camp Makenzie, about 1 mile south. Net radio control. 1959/1960. A lot of night trips over that bridge. Seen your pictures. That place sure changed. Lot of memorys. Good and Bad. Dave C.
3:28pm 03-08-2019
Scott Dykstra
I was at Camp Ames from April 1973 to April 1975 . I am looking for a few of the guys that were there Chaplin Douglas Stephenson , Sgt Bob Wright , Royce Burrows and Sgt White . If you knew these persons or spent time at Camp Ames , I'd like to hear from you. My phone number is. 606 367 1909
5:26pm 03-07-2019
orien bagley
supply sgt Hq Hq 8th Cav also welder Capt Bradley
11:43pm 02-02-2019
clifford foreman
I was in korea when the shop that the north took and then releasted the men all 82 it was really a hot time there when they the north let them come across what was callec the brides of no return was in ther 2inf div at camp mcnair was there for 18 months when I left there was at north Carolina for the rest of my time was a buck sarg e5
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