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9:18am 07-12-2018
James Westbay
Served with 45th Transportation Company 1981-1984 and again in 1986-1988
10:50am 06-11-2018
Randy Creeden
Served 3/81st Jan. 72- June 74. MSA/A btry Firing Btry
12:52pm 06-04-2018
Charles L. Porter
served in camp colbern 1971-72 B Btry, Ammo section(warhead)
good times
9:50pm 06-03-2018
Served at Kaiser '69 and '70. Was there for the closing. Landed several times at the Hawk Site on the mountain top. Flew the river gorge up near the 'Z. Amazing place. Hope they can get things worked out.
9:29pm 05-06-2018
Gary Clayton
A Troop 2/10 Cavalry, Camp Kaiser August 1969. - January 1970

MOS 11E40 ..Sheridan Tank
2:58am 05-04-2018
John Adams
I was in C Company at Camp Kaiser, until Sept. 1970. Left as Sgt. E-5
12:25pm 04-09-2018
I was stationed at Camp Colbern from June 1965 to August 1966.My Rank was Sp/5 at that time. Best regards to all that served. I have about a thousand photos from the time period. On the base as well as the village. I would enjoy posting them. Best regards to all. Tony
1:58pm 04-06-2018
Scott Dykstra
I served at camp Ames Back in the early 1970 's. I'm looking for Bob Wright ,Royce Burrows , Whitaker ( only a last name ). I would enjoy talking with anyone that served there. My phone number is 606 367 1909. Scott
10:05am 03-25-2018
William White
Camp Humphreys 1977-78 30 Ordnance Company TH (GS) Dirty Thirty Mechanic/Motor Pool. Good times and good friends
3:54am 03-25-2018
I love these pictures. I was at CRC for a while and just got back from a trip to Yongsan, Stanley, and CRC. These old pictures are very cool, hard to believe the difference between then and now.
9:05am 03-23-2018
Michael Ivie
I was at Stanley from 82 to 84
8:56am 03-12-2018
Daniel W. Kritzer
64th Trans.124th Trans.Bn., Hq 27th Trans. Bn. 8th Trans. Gp.
10:18am 02-28-2018
Randal Melkus
Camp Colbern, Early 90's I think 92-3
1:56pm 02-24-2018
516 th ORDANANCE CO DAS .. ASCOM CITY 1959 - 1960
10:56am 02-24-2018
Jim Arinella
13th trans camp Stanley wi jong bu 1959-1960
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