3:48pm 11-25-2018
I was assigned to the generator shop, C Company Camp Kaiser, until it closed in1970.
Then Casey, and all over the place 1971.
9:11pm 11-24-2018
camp saint Barbara charlie company best by test on the mountain 1966-1968
2nd battalion 76 arty. looking for anyone who stayed in the hooch marked FDC/ Special Weapons. Bill Cook Jr. Bill Murry anyone out there.
5:48pm 11-05-2018
SFC Darwin Maring US
1sr Cav 15th Avn Company, Camp Staton 1962/3
First Mohawk maintenance team in Korea.
TDY to Yoedo Island in the middle of the river south of Soul.

This is the best site of old Korea I have seen.
Many thanks for your time and dedication to making this possible.
8:44am 11-04-2018
2:52am 10-27-2018
Bruce Ballentine
I served at Camp Colbern from Jan. '68 to Feb. "69. First as Co. A XO's driver, then in the post office. Drove into Seoul everyday to get the mail. Great duty! Can't believe it was 50 years ago. The photos look nothing like it was in '68. Amazing to see a freeway tollbooth there now. There were only narrow 1-1/2 lane roads back in the day. Great fun in a jeep, though.
11:45am 10-20-2018
Suzette “Sgt D”
I was stationed at Camp Colbern 89-90. Loved that area. Hiking the mountain and running in the ville. 36L was my MOS. What memories this brings back. Probably one of the best years of my military career. Delizia was my married name at the time. But have my maiden name back “Teall”.
3:23pm 10-18-2018
Shari Bernfeld
My dad,Melvin Fischer was stationed in Un Chon NI 1966-67. Unfortunately he passed away in 1977 when I was 6 so I never learnt about his experiences while in the army. I recently found an album with pictures and the caption 2nd squadron 10th cavalry. I know this is a long shot but does anyone have any info on my dad. Thanks. Shari fischer Bernfeld.
9:38am 10-18-2018
Stationed Camp Humphreys and Camp Carroll 1981-1984 with 560th Ambulance Company: 1991-1995, stationed Yongsan and Camp Henry with 8th PERSOM. Would love to hear from anyone station in Korea these dates and locations.
10:25am 10-16-2018
I love US Army. I will soon be soldier now cause i have greencard. very good
7:09am 10-12-2018
Don Cotter
Was at Camp Kaiser 11/67 to 12/68, anyone at that time remember Sgt.Woods drowning im the river when we eent on Alert?He was crossing the river in a recon vehicle and water went over the top washing him out.This was 8/19/68. Please call me 1315 281 4025.thank u Don Cotter.or write 151 chittenango NY? Thank u!
6:28am 10-11-2018
Don Cotters
I was at camp kaiser 11/67-12/68, anyone out there remember a Sgt.Andrew k.Woods drowning in a river when his recon vehicle went under.we were put up and down the river for days lookinfohis body to come up,i don't think his body was ever found
12:54pm 09-29-2018
Scott Dykstra
I was stationed at Camp Ames in the mid 70's. It would be great to hear from some of you that were stationed there. My phone number. 606 367 1909 God bless .
12:09pm 09-29-2018
Jerry Grassel
Just by "chance" - any idea why and where the gate statue "Icarus" was moved?
10:43pm 09-28-2018
John Warner
I was stationed at 914th Medical Detachment 1971-1972. Was reassigned to Frankfurt when 914th was transferred to Augsburg.
9:42pm 09-23-2018
Michael T Galvin
Was in B Trp. 2/10. 1965-66. Was quits an experience for an 18 yr old kid. I grew up real quick.
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