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8:19pm 12-28-2017
Mike Turner
My first duty station was Camp Colburn 72-73. B-Btry maintenance.
3:32pm 12-14-2017
Scott Dykstra
I was stationed at Camp Ames. April 1973 to April 1975. I was in the 110th mph company. I would like to hear from anyone that was at Camp Ames. My phone no is. 606 367 1909. Thank you .
2:31pm 12-14-2017
Alfred C Castro
Hi Bruce: Was with Co. C 1st BG 31st infantry 7th /div. (30 cal. Machine Gunner)1959-1960 wow has it change since then. brought back a lot of memories. Lots of Field Duty and Hiking. The thing is I would it again. The Best man. Al Castro
1:57pm 12-08-2017
james bischoff
hello! I was stationed at camp mercer,44th engr. bn. 80 - 82. Spent close to a year at camp casey to build maint. fac. for 2nd. tank,very different way of life up there then what we were used to. 2nd. I.D. was and is the real deal!
The beat two years of my short ( 7 years ) army hitch.
10:19pm 12-07-2017
Hey Bruce, I’m Greg and served a period at Camp Colbern in 1978-79. When I left the country as a young man, wild-eyed, and full of dreams on my future! I left behind some wonderful memories. One particular, is of a young, beautiful village girl. Miyung! Was her name. Now in the Indian Summer years of life, I reflect back on many paths over the course of my journey. One sticks out most! I wonder what ever became of Miyung. I wonder if you remember ever hearing the name?
6:13pm 11-28-2017
bob horan (cruit)
with the 48th ord from jan 61 till july 63
11:18am 11-25-2017
Dave Buenting
7th Div, 7th Avn in 1960/1961, Many thanks to this site, brought back some real good memories and some not real good. Looking at these pic's seems like yesterday.
9:52am 11-14-2017
Richard L. Darrough
HHC 1st Bn 72nd Armor 1973/1974. Great Pic's guy. Thanks.
8:04am 11-13-2017
Willie Allen
Camp Casey 73/74 Happy Valley Bravo Co 10th Btn 2Pltn looking for buddies that climbed the back steps to the motor pool
3:59am 10-20-2017
I served:
1971-72 Act Sgt- Cp Casey D 2/61 ADA
1974-76 SSG - Cp Casey to Cp Mosier C 2/61 ADA
1992-93 1SG - Cp Hovey B 2/61 ADA
9:22pm 10-08-2017
Ambrosio Silva
I was the csm of the 304th signal battalion, had co.B at wonju. I will send dates of my assignment as CSM, asap.
2:27am 09-10-2017
Danny Macias
Stationed at Camp Kaiser Feb. '68 to May '69 2nd Batallion 17th Mech Inf Headquarters Co. Mortar Platoon. I was designated driver for track 57.
My memory of moving out of the camp to build a phase line of bunkers, and having to use Agent Orangeon the weeds where we were digging,before the engineers came in to pour the cement forms to make the bunkers.
If any one remembers those two times we were made to leave the camp and live in the field for 3 to 4 months at a time. We only came back to camp 'cause it got to cold to dig in the damn ed frozen ground.
1:12pm 07-30-2017
christopher worsham
Looking for anyone in SVC Btry, 2nd/76, St barbara Aug,69, Aug,70. Thanks for your efforts to keep this site open. Enjoyed the memories.
3:00am 07-28-2017
Clarence Smith
It took me back in time
11:43pm 07-02-2017
terry michaels
still looking for anybody in korea in 1964 that was with the 13th qm at camp baker in yong dong po. also looking for anybody with c company 802nd engineers near camp long outsde wonju.
also spent time at sea range on the yellow sea. saw alot in one year.
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