1:03pm 11-11-2019
George Reischling
"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!" Happy Veterans Day! Courage on the Mountain-
3:14pm 11-05-2019
Edd Duprey
Stationed at Camp Casey from May 1965 until July 1966. I played the trumpet in the band and also drove an Isuzu bus to most of the other camps near the DMZ, wherever the band was booked. I can't tell you how many times I drove through the Chinese Tunnel on the back road to Camp Kaiser.
7:14pm 10-28-2019
Mike Powers
I served at Camp Colburn from Jan. 70 until a April 71 Spec 5 in the H Q survey section. Still like Korean food and very often swear in Korean.
10:48am 10-24-2019
Kevin W. Harney
I was stationed at Camp Casey 1972-1973, assinged to the 2nd S&T Bn A CO. The BN was located behind the airfield. My MOS was 13B but because I had truck driving experiance was assinged to the S&T Bn, drove a 5 ton tractor hauling fuel from the railhead which was just north of the ROC compound to the Fuel depot which was north of that. There was a pipeline that went from the railhead to the fuel depot but couldnt use it because the Koreans had so many taps on it that if we ran 5000 gal from the railhead only about 4000 gal made it to the depot.
1:43pm 10-20-2019
Dave Cleary
I was stationed at Delta battery 2nd 71st ADA Camp Hill Korea 1973-1974 as a 16D10. Korea... I will never forget.
2:01pm 09-16-2019
I was stationed in Rothwesten as a drafted Spec, 4 Radio Teletype Operator in the 319 ASA Battalion from January 1971 until August 1971 when we moved the whole Battalion to Augsburg and turned Rothwesten over to the Germans (our NATO Allies). Nice to read the history of the place. The current photos as an abandoned base are hard to look at. But there are some good photos of the base as I remember it of the swimming pool, the old main guard house that I used to watch as a Unit Policeman, and the old Dusseldorfer Hof. Thanks.
3:40pm 09-12-2019
Richard Hernandez Jr
I was stationed in Camp Kaiser, Korea, from 1959 to 1961 as a
MD Army Capitain.
Trying to get my honorable discharged documents from the archives in St. Louis and I have been told they burned and can't find my information.
Does anyone have an idea how to retrive this information?
Tried for years now w/o success.
9:17pm 09-04-2019
Jeff kirkbride
Bruce Ballentyne. Remember the name. Stationed with MSA and normally back gate with soul brother Jordan James. I was stationed there Jan '68 to Jan '69. Fun times and not so fun times. USS Pueblo captured just after I arrived.
6:31pm 09-03-2019
Donald McGee
Stationed at Camp Casey 1965-1966 with 7th ID MP Co. Worked as company armorer. 24 on 24 off. Photos bring back many memories.
12:54am 08-24-2019
Steve L. James
I served in the 122nd Signal Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division Camp Casey, Korea May 1971-June 1972. Just happened to find this site looking at Camp Casey pictures!!
10:08am 08-20-2019
Stephan Homborg
I found Your homepage by searching for pictures of the former Camp Rothwesten near Kassel.
Really wonderfull!
Been there last weekend and made a few photographs.
Please contact me.
11:51pm 08-09-2019
Milton Plumlee
AKA Pete Plumlee served in Camp St. Barbara in 1961-62 Hq& Hq I corp sent to Korea after AIT Worked in the motor pool remember a few other that were there Dolfler, Hinkler, Chambers (not sure of spelling)I do remember the two SP4 in your pictures of the motor pool just can't remember names. thanks for pictures brought back memorizes of good toimes when I was 17 years old. now 75.
2:42pm 07-28-2019
“Hos” Cartwright
Just stumbled upon this site. Served at Camp Colburn 3/81st from Sept. 1970-Sept. 1971 as the compound mail clerk. Had the privilege of driving to Youngsan to pick the mail up daily. Lots and fond memories driving that Jeep where it wasn’t suppose to be. Good experiences good friends, still keep in touch with a couple of old friends. It’s almost been 50 years ago a young kid arrived in Korea.
10:05pm 07-17-2019
I was stationed at R & U detachment Post Engineers, Camp Casey--from 1961 and came home in August 1962.
I was just 20 years old. I remember having the best " fast pitch softball team" in the area. We were undefeated in 25 games.
When I was counting my months to come home, President John F. Kennedy extended us 3 more months due some crises that I don't remember what it was.
I worked in the mess halls fixing the refrigerators. With the experience I received there, I was able to start my oun refrigeration business back home, which helped me to make a .real good living for my family.
If anyone remembers that time and place, drop me an email.
12:51am 06-28-2019
Dan Knight
Hello,Bruce Richards. It was nice to find someone who served in as many locations as me. Vietnam in most of 1967 with A/4/42nd Arty, got talked into RTO job for the FO with C/2/8 infantry and ended up being the FO. I was yanked out of the jungle near Dac To and informed that, because my younger brother was in country, I was being sent to Korea. Arrived at camp St. Barbara 10 Dec 67, assigned to HHB 6/12 Arty, came down with falciparum malaria on the 27th of Dec. I have tried to find people with pictures of the HHB area with no luck but the picture of you with the short bridge leading across the gully, sure looks like the place. I hope this finds you well.
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