11:08pm 06-28-2020
Came across your site while doing research for the project and found pictures of the murals at LSA Anaconda in 2007. Very thorough and detailed- much appreciated. I will share with the facebook group soon!
9:33pm 06-17-2020
Hello Stan Schwartz email me I was there same time as you
9:29pm 06-17-2020
I think a re- Union for all of us that was stationed at Camp Kaiser from 1960-to-1962 would be great and make arrangements to visit the now gone home where we all had fun and lots of work. I live in Hudson Florida. I was in Kaiser from 1961 - 1962. yes I remember General Park also, I meet him at Kaiser and DMZ for all 1960-1962 vets email me. We giroed to 7th Div from Fort Benning April 1961 2ID .I retired as CSM/SGM 1985 looking to visiting Kaiser soon and talking to honored soldiers of Camp Kaiser. Any one in Florida.
8:48pm 06-17-2020
stationed in Camp Kaiser 3rd Inf 7th Div 1961-1962 as PFC we hired from Fort Benning as a battle group to(2ID) to replace (7TH) ID April 1961
now Retired US ARMY Sergeant Major Hudson Florida give me a shout
5:26pm 06-17-2020
I was stationed at Camp St. Barbara from 13 December 1966 till 15 January 1968. The USS Pueblo was captured 23 January 1968. I wrote to my GI replacement and he said all St. Barbara GIs were extended 90 days due to the conflict. I was a PLL (Prescribed Load List) clerk in Headquarters battery and drove to Red Cloud for replacement M-110 Howitzer and truck parts. I always drove solo in a three quarter ton truck past the town of Pocheon and through the Chinese tunnel. During one trip I drove with another GI, and we were required to carry M14s and 45s due to infiltrators. As we entered Red Cloud, we didn't find anyone at the motor pool on that heavy monsoon rain day. We finally found Air Force personnel inside the base exchange and it got quiet when we entered. Maybe they thought a war started cause we were wet, muddy, and armed. That was the day that I wished I joined the Air Force because apparently the Air Force called it a day because of rain.
10:35pm 06-12-2020
I really appreciate the map--it brings back memories. I was a JAG assigned to Yongson but traveled a lot--especially to 4th Missile Command. I could not find 4th Missile Command-Camp Page on the map. My memory has faded about all the places all these years later. I and another Captain were a team and traveled together. One week after I left he was killed in a crash going to 4th Missile along with the pilot. We flew a lot in the Beavers and helicopters. His name was Cpt Ken Gray---He was a black officer handled defense and had an Afro that was just barely within tolerance. I would love to be able to talk to his family, if they are still alive, so if anyone has information about him and his family please let me know. This would have been in the 1969-1970 range--see my memory is going. I spent 10 years in the Army but grew up in an Air Force family. My father was a career NCO having been a tail gunner in in B-17 in WW2 and we live in the Phillipines and Japan and my family and I were stationed in Germany.
6:31pm 06-05-2020
My son, Michael Korszeniewski, was at Camp Stanley from 1991-1992. I always wondered what it looked like. Mike is no longer with us, passing away from a brain aneurysm, 11/28/2001, at 33 years old. We miss him greatly, and were always proud of him serving in the military. At the time I was working for the ARMY ROTC, at Syracuse University and he was given a Military Funeral - complete with a cadet playing TAPS.
Thank you for the pictures -
7:35pm 06-03-2020
Was at camp Alex Williams- dec 1968–may 1970— also 696 ord. Would like to know others that were there at the time....
8:29pm 06-02-2020
11:55am 05-28-2020
I served 1959/60 Pusan Korea 142nd Quartermaster Battalion at Camp Hialeah APO 59 US Army
8:49pm 05-23-2020
I was at Camp Casey in 1972. I have lot of pictures I was in the 2nd Medical Battalion. We were in 3 story concrete block barracks. We were the lucky ones. I can send you some pictures if you like
9:27am 05-16-2020
You are a few years older. I graduated high school in '65 a few miles from JBLM (Ft Lewis then). Went in the Navy and did time in VN also. Diabetes from Agent Orange. Enjoyed your info on the guns (along with my small arsenal). I'm also a HAM (WA7SH) and your info on logging programs is something I've been looking for. Excellent info. Thanks.
4:09pm 05-08-2020
Hi...Kunsan 72-73 Engineer....really liked your pics....I felt right at home....cold as all get out and hot as all Hell....Many Thanks Howard
3:34pm 05-06-2020
Was at Camp Colbern 68-69. Was in hdq. battery, ordinance. Section chief was ssgt Mcgowen. I see they built a tollway but what happened to all the business women? Trying to remember the name of the clubs in the 'vil'.
3:21pm 05-03-2020
Served with the 17th Div in Kaiser 1961/1962, camp commander was Talbot (I think the spelling is right).
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