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2:19am 01-08-2017
I was statironed at Red Cloud from 1979 to 1980 and also 1981/2 to October 1983. I was with A Company 304th Signal Bn both times. Your pictures brought back lots of memories for me. I had to leave Korea early because my wife and kids died in a house fire there. I was wondering if you were at red cloud during that time
3:22pm 12-31-2016
Hi! I am looking for any information on my father who served in Korea. I don't have a name, although it might also be Jack. I was born in 1962 in Uijongbu, Korea. I believe he was there in 1961. I noticed 2 camps located near Uijongbu, Jackson and Piliaau. He might have been stationed there. I do have a photo. I also think he may have been from Wyoming. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
12:37pm 12-27-2016
I served in Korea from Nov 1979 to OCT 1980, with the 2d MP CO,2d Inv Div Camp Casey. work mostly as patrol, gate guard,Desk clerk(because i could type) and RTO.
My tour ended with a DROS transfer to beautiful Fort Irwin, CA
7:20pm 12-22-2016
I served in Korea in 1958 with the 338th Field Artillery battalion, the first
deployment with the atomic cannon. We landed in at Inchon in January, 1958 after traveling from Okinawa in a string of LSTs. It was really cold.

I thought I would send you some photos, but unable on your website for
Camp St. Barbara.

I use AOL for email. If you send me a valid email address, I will send photos. Take care, Carl Wahl
3:11pm 12-18-2016
HHQ 1/31st, honest john battery, missed that big cigar going off. Was there from Jun 77 - Jun 78, Thanks for the pics..brings back lots of memories at the ville and the unforgiving field duty which was forever when I was there. Missed mama sans kimchee, and all my buds....we had some good times there one week out of a month after patrols. I do not miss the cold or the monsoons though. Miss you guys but all is well with me. To all who served there and in theater...God bless and keep you always in His eyes. 2nd Inf Div...Second To None
9:02am 12-05-2016
Hi i was in Camp Saint Barbara 68-69 B Battery FDC an drove battery commander; Would like to hear from anyone who new me. A lot of good times over there.
2:45pm 11-26-2016
served 17th trans bn. c company august 62 until moved to camp Kaiser in 63 would like to hear from same I was thrill to see the pictures of camp casey thanks very much
12:52am 11-21-2016
I was stationed at Camp Hovey 1979-80 S-5 would like to get in touch with anyone stationed there
9:44am 11-20-2016
Scott Dykstra
I was stationed at camp Ames, I would like to hear from anyone who served there. My phone no is 606 367 1909.
2:38pm 11-15-2016
Just missed you at rothwesten, I(and several others) served as 058 for 2 months. then our equipment came from the states( in feb of 1958) and we got to do what we were trained to do as 201(electronic warfare) MOS guys Some of the guys that were still there in 60 were Leonard Pluto Plucinski, ###(?) Rogers and an Orris. There were straight day workers and bunked on first floor - down the hall opposite the offices. The sergeant that was over our section was a "portly" built guy by the name of Richard Myers. Wonmdering if you knew any of them. also, I admire a few of the pictures you and Bill Conner another -(name slips me) Have put out/on the web. Also, appreciate you- advising me of the massive amounts of information on the "ASA-Rothwesten links. Wondering if you know/knew any of the few I mentioned? _ Jerry
4:10pm 11-13-2016
I enlisted in asa, as a 67n. I spent time at camp Humphreys from spring 76 to spring 77. Got released to regular army, and eased in 78. Married miss Pak from the asa club....39 years so far....
9:49am 11-09-2016
I was at camp colbern korea 12/87-12/88
11:14am 11-08-2016
I was assigned to 168th engineer battalion HHC at Dian base camp from September 1967 to September 1968
1:16am 10-27-2016
Stanley, 8/8 FA. 89-91
1:12am 10-27-2016
Gary Woodworth
I still enjoy visiting your page
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