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3:32pm 05-29-2016
Keith Pendleton
A co.2nd S&T Camp Casey 1978-1979
Love the pictures
11:18am 05-04-2016
Inspection section 4th Maint. 1969-1971
3:14pm 05-01-2016
thanks for the great pictures, 2/9th CSC Camp Greaves 77/78
11:17am 05-01-2016
Camp Casey 71 72 in Happy valley Alpha 2/2 3rd platoon need help verify where we train at any help from anyone would be apprecatied
3:20am 04-28-2016
i was stationed in korea 1964 to1965. i was with the 13 qm at camp baker in yong dong po. spent most of my tour TDY. i was at sea range for a month, and spent most of my tour with co. c 802 engineers at wonju
1:58pm 04-24-2016
I agree with a lot of what Paul Tomnitz said. I was also there in 1961-62 for 16 months due to the mandatory extension. Even now when remembering the hardships the S. Koreans were going through, I get very emotional. I was raised in a poverty situation, but when I got to S. Korea I realized how much worse it could have been. I'm very simpatico with the S. Koreans!
1:55pm 04-21-2016
I was in A co. 17th Trans in 1961-1962. Got caught up in the extended stay because of the Berlin Wall. I drove truck A-9 which was attached to the Generals Mess during alerts and field trips. Ate pretty good then. I also made many trips up to Camp Kaiser. Unlike many, I hated the entire stay. Felt like I went back in time 200 years. I've seen videos of TDC and it appears they bulldozed the old town and rebuilt it from scratch. There were no paved streets, electricity, sidewalk, etc when I was there.I remember the little round #10 can sized charcoal they used for the underfloor heating. Lot more modern now.
5:37pm 04-10-2016
Just found your site, I was with 696 Ord Co (Ammo) at Uijongbu Asp 56 and Asp 63 Cavalry Munsan in 61. Was in Seoul in May 16 of 61 under sporatic fire, returning from 83 Ord after delivering cans. I noticed one of your messages had said for the generation from July 28th, of 54 is eligible for Korean Defense Service medal, of which I have. I am the Secretary of the Kwva chapter 41 "Frozen Chosin" here in Minnesota. I will be on Minnesota Veterans public radio in June 23, 2016 in Minneapolis, to bring forth more knowledge to the Korea War Veteran of joining the Kwva.
7:18pm 03-23-2016
Hi Bruce typed a longer note to you...went I hit "send" it replied unable as it is/was considered "spam" - any suggestions? Jerry 57-59 rothwesten
7:15am 03-08-2016
In I believe it was the 585th March or April 1968 around nine viet cong tunneled under a boulder just outside the compound slit the guards fanned out throwing satchel carges in the barracks and started shooting the guys as they ran out.I was with A Co 84th Eng next to your compound. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who survived that attack.
1:03pm 02-29-2016
Pfc moore c company 304th. 83-84 they were building the Olympic site when I was there. Regularly saw the progress on the bus to youngsan
4:36pm 02-28-2016
I was at Rothwesten 1964 to 68. in the 319th ASA.
I've lost track of comrades. Would like to get back in touch.
4:57pm 02-26-2016
I was at Rothwesten from 1957 to1959. Would like to hear from anyone who may remember me in Ops.
8:20pm 02-03-2016
Part of Msg 02-01-2016 made no sense, so I deleted that part.
7:30pm 02-03-2016
What is the meaning of entry 02-01-2016?
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