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5:58pm 07-31-2016
I was at Lalue jan 1959 thu jan 1961 97th TC
4:47pm 07-30-2016
I was stationed at the Kumoree ordinance center in D Co. 4th Maint from Nov. 65 til March of 67. Capt Hammer was the CO. Sgt. Ramsey 1st Sgt. Anybody served with me lets talk. I have some pictures I'll try to post later.
6:00pm 07-25-2016
E- Mail derzeit stillgelegt.
9:15pm 07-23-2016
I was with Tank Company, 32nd Inf Regt Dec 1956-May 1957 when we moved up to Camp Kaiser to be reflagged as Troop C, 2nd Sqdn, 10th Cavalry. The tour was 16 months then and I went home in April 1958 from Kaiser. I had four more tours in Korea but the one that I remember with fond memories is the Camp Kaiser tour.
7:30am 07-21-2016
Currently stationed at Casey, I like seeing the then and now photos especially since my mother was stationed at yongsan in 70
4:53pm 07-17-2016
How do all these stories from Korea tie in with the 106th in Germany?
11:12am 07-13-2016
I was stationed at Camp Humphreys form May 1976 until late 1977 with the 30th Ordnance Co (GM GS) Service Section. I remember some great people like, Dave Shadbot, Randy Bell, Kickliter, Enrique Canaba, Dave Shaffer, SSG Reisenweber, SFC Nix and the new WO1 former DI we called Drill Warant. Also 1LT Knight. Came back in early 1978 to 520th Maint Co at Humphreys and lucky me got a transfer back to the 30th Ord (Dirty Thirty). Spent 2 years on my second tour. Was the Army's best kept secret getting stationed there.
4:18pm 07-11-2016
I am the niece of the man Camp Jackson was named after. My uncle is still spoke of highly today. He received the silver star.
7:26am 07-07-2016
Stationed Camp Casey in 1967-1969 in 7th Infantry Division 127 Signal Battalion. Would enjoy hearing from you.
4:52pm 07-06-2016
Served with the 1/17th at Camp MacKenzie Dec 71 to May 72. Then Camp Howze until Dec 72. Loved the old photos, wish I could find similar ones of MacKenzie.
3:23am 07-06-2016
I was stationed at Camp Colbern in 1977 in Alfa company 304 Signal Battalion. I was also there when the company moved to Camp Red Cloud, outside Uijongbu. My primary MOS 05C10 RTTY operator. I also served on the team that supplied communications for the engineering team that found a large tunnel dug by the North Koreans just outside panmunjong in 1978. If you were there during this time I would enjoy hearing from you.
12:06pm 06-23-2016
scott Dykstra
I was stationed at camp Ames ( near Taejon ). Looking for Royce Burrows ,Bob Wright,Chaplin Douglass Stevenson, Mickey Alcorn. I was there for 2 years starting April 1973. I was in the 110 th. Mp co I was in the motor pool. My phone no is. 6063671909
1:01pm 06-08-2016
I was with the 319th US Army Security Agency Battalion in Rothwesten from January 1968 until August 1968. On August 7th I was transferred to the 184th US ASA Operations Company at Flak Kaserne in Augsburg, Germany, and returned to USA in January 1970.

Thanks for posting all this information and pictures. It brought back a lot of memories.
9:41am 05-31-2016
Hi,I have been trying to get on your site for a couple days and had trouble.Hopefully this will do.
I was so pleased to see this stuff on here. I was stationed in Camp Kaiser from 1966-1968. I was in the A 7/5 Hawk Missile Co.
Been trying to get hold of some buddies but no luck,only 1.Would like to know if you know how I can find some of them?
Please keep up the good work on this,I love it.
Thanks,Allen Wheeler
4:37pm 05-30-2016
Nothing about Camp Houtze on here,just wondering 84-85
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